SHOCK POLL: You Won’t Believe The ONE Thing Democrats And Republicans Have In Common — WHOA!

Since the historic election of Donald Trump to the White House, it seems the political tensions in this country have only increased.

Normally, after an election takes place, things calm down. Americans go back to their daily lives, not so overly concerned about the government or regular business of Washington.

But since outsider and populist Trump took office, there has been intense coverage, dialogue, and yes conflict among Americans.

Supporters of Trump are passionately cheering every victory, from jobs coming back to the country to executive orders that strip the federal government of power.

Detractors panic and riot over everything Trump says or tweets, quick to take his words and ideas out of context.

If you ask the media (who tends to distort and exaggerate things) they’d tell you “America is divided.” They want you to see the nation as only red vs blue, conservatives vs democrats.

Yet there is much more to our nation than that and much more that unites Americans of all backgrounds and ideas.

Though sometimes, the things we agree on only serve to highlight our differences.

From AP:

A new survey from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research finds Republicans are far more likely to cite a culture grounded in Christian beliefs and the traditions of early European immigrants as essential to U.S. identity.

Democrats are more apt to point to the country’s history of mixing of people from around the globe and a tradition of offering refuge to the persecuted.

While there’s disagreement on what makes up the American identity, 7 in 10 people – regardless of party – say the country is losing that identity…

There are some points of resounding agreement among Democrats, Republicans and independents about what makes up the country’s identity.

Among them: a fair judicial system and rule of law, the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution, and the ability to get good jobs and achieve the American dream.

Once again we find a major news outlet looking for ways to divide us. They open their article discuss how conservative and liberals have different understandings of America’s identity, but then gloss over the many ways we are the same.

The distinctions AP makes seem to be arbitrary.

Isn’t American both a nation founded on Christian principles, and a nation that has thrived thanks to offering refuse to the persecuted? Can’t the values of both liberals and conservatives coincide?

Yet both democrats and republicans agree we are losing our identity. Why?

Perhaps it’s because we are so quick to believe in the propaganda of the media and the entertainment industries, groups that do not care about our nation’s identity, but in fact work to undermine it for their own greed.

We all agree in our fair judicial system, civil liberties, and rule of law. We all want to achieve the American dream and get good jobs.

So let’s start there. Let’s no focus on the things that divide us, but on the things that unite us.

Make no mistake: it is the media and established politicians that want to divide us, to keep up fighting each other while they profit. They don’t want Americans of all backgrounds to take back their country from them.

But we can, if we are willing to work together on the issues that matter.

Source: AP

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