You Won’t Believe What Black Lives Matter Is Demanding Now — Outrageous!

Black Lives Matter has always been about stirring up hate between white and black Americans.

They blame white people and cops for all the problems in our society. They frequently call for the murder of police and consider all white people as racists.

Their latest scheme is hardly a surprise, though it will turn most Americans’ stomachs.

The NYC Shut It Down The Grand Central Crew #BlackLivesMatter reaches the 2nd year in a row of weekly #PeoplesMonday actions.  February 13, 2017.

From The Daily Wire:

The New York City chapter of Black Lives Matter hosted a blacks-only party over the Memorial Day weekend, reports The Daily Caller.

“Black Lives Matter NYC, the Black Youth Project 100 and the Black Alliance for Just Immigration joined together to throw ‘The People’s Turn-up,’ or what they called an ‘unapologetically black’ party.”

“Clear your calendar – It’s a lituation! You’re invited to take part in the UNAPOLOGETICALLY Black festivities. Bring yourself, bring Bae (or come find Bae), whatever you like. We got you. We got us,” reads the event posted to Facebook.

It was explicitly reiterated that only black folks were allowed to attend.

“When we say ‘The People’ we mean Black People. Being intentional around Black People is an act of resistance.This is an exclusively Black Space.”

“So if you do not identify as Black and want to come because you love Black People, please respect the space and do not come,” wrote one organizer on the event page.

So much for equality. Is this what Martin Luther King died for? Was his great dream that his children would segregate themselves from their neighbors?

This more than anything else proves that BLM is a hate group. They are not interested in ending racism, just promoting a different kind.

In a nation full of diverse races and people, it is insane to want to segregate. We will only advance as a society if we learn to get along with everyone. This kind of attitude will only drive black and white people apart. Not to mention everyone else.

But keep doing it, Black Lives Matter. You will only alienate more and more people from your cause.

Source: Daily Wire

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