James Comey Breaks His Silence And Makes Stunning Confession, ‘Trump Was Right About…

Former FBI director James Comey was put on the stand, and said, in a nutshell, ‘Trump was right.’

No joke. And not a single one of the Mainstream Media networks decided to report it.

Let’s talk travel bans – Trump’s executive orders on immigration and refugee resettlement have been blocked, twice, by liberal judges. And for absolutely no good legal reason whatsoever. And while the matter is debated and hashed out in those courts, people are still streaming in from Trump’s banned countries.

Well, of all those people streaming in, there’s a core group that’s being watched closely by the FBI and Homeland Security. And they’re all from a few very specific countries.

Guess which ones?

(You probably guessed it, but here it is – they’re all from the countries that Trump banned in his orders.)

In other words, Trump’s travel ban worked. Or would have worked, had it not been blocked.

The Daily Caller reports:

FBI Director Jim Comey revealed in Senate testimony last week that all of the approximately 300 refugees being investigated for terrorism are from countries covered by President Trump’s initial travel ban.

A Department of Homeland Security official told reporters in March that out of about 1,000 investigations into potential domestic terrorists, around 300 of them are individuals who entered the U.S. as refugees. Comey confirmed these figures.

Let’s be blunt and clear about this — 300 people are now in the US, and they’re all being watched as likely terrorists. None of them would be here if Trump’s ban had been respected.

Liberals are truly the enemy of the United States.

The countries that Trump blocked – and blocked temporarily, mind you – are Iran, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. Not the general group of nations that sends young people to the US to study. It’s quite the opposite – these nations are the ones that are most likely to send radical Islamic terrorists.

And the numbers that Comey laid out are staggering, and worrisome. “Since Trump has entered office, 3,961 refugees have been resettled from these six countries.”

That’s…quite a lot, for less than five months.

It’s unlikely that Democratic obstructionists will understand that Trump’s orders were keeping the country safe.

Until then, we can only hope the courts will see reason and common sense. Don’t hold your breath.

Source: Daily Caller

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