Shock Report: Obama ‘Warned’ Trump About 1 Of His Top Officials, Can You Guess Who It Is?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: sometimes liberals can get things accidentally right. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Barack Hussein Obama may well be that broken clock. Because, as it happens, he warned Trump about one scandal that still, to this very day and hour, is distracting the nation from more important matters.

And Trump did not take his advice. Can’t say that I blame him – it was advice coming from Obama, after all. But, given that we’re still hearing about ‘Michael Flynn this,’ and ‘Michael Flynn that,’ well…I’m guessing Trump really wishes he hadn’t briefly hired Michael Flynn as national security advisor.

And Obama, it seems, warned him about it.

NBC reports:

Former President Obama warned President Donald Trump against hiring Mike Flynn as his national security adviser, three former Obama administration officials tell NBC News.

The warning, which has not been previously reported, came less than 48 hours after the November election when the two sat down for a 90-minute conversation in the Oval Office.

Obama, to quote one Trump official, was not a fan of Michael Flynn.” But that’s not really surprising. Flynn wasn’t a fan of Obama’s policies. And he had no problem telling both Obama and the world that very thing.

At the time, it seemed like Obama was just hiding his sour grapes. He didn’t like Flynn because Flynn called him out on being a coward on his foreign policy.

But after Flynn lied to Mike Pence, it was clear that the former military man might be a big distraction from Trump’s agenda.

And then there’s this, too.

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) approved Flynn’s security clearance in Jan. 2016 after a routine review. But Flynn may have failed to disclose a $45,000 payment he received the month before from the Russia-owned news outlet, Russia Today.

Flynn attended a gala hosted by the network in Moscow. He sat at a table with Russian president Vladimir Putin. DIA has said it does not have records of Flynn seeking permission for that payment, a measure he is required to take as a former military officer.

Unofficially talking with Russia before you officially talk with Russia is one thing. But lying about money you got from people is another. That’s the Hillary Clinton kind of move that scandalized the entire Clinton Foundation.

Trump let Flynn go just in time. And Obama – for once – was right about something.

Source: Daily Caller

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