Hillary Is Running Scared From Trump’s New FBI Nominee, Here’s Why

When Donald Trump fired James Comey, he may have had a much bigger plan all along – and liberals in DC never saw it coming.

The story we’re told from the mainstream media is this: Trump fired Comey because he was afraid of the Russia investigation. It’s spawned a lot of fake news, it’s made Trump look bad, and it’s distracted from the real work that needs to be done to restore this country.

In short, the lie worked. But that story has also diverted focus from Trump’s new nominee. And this guy’s credentials will make you wonder if Trump had a bigger plan in place all along – finally convicting Clinton for her many crimes.

The Conservative Tribune reports:

Failed Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton and her corrupt lackeys should be very nervous about this new FBI nominee — their time skirting the consequences for their questionable actions may be drawing to a close.

The candidate himself? Christopher Wray, an attorney with a ton of law enforcement, leadership, and legal experience. And all of that experience is in one specific area – catching slippery and powerful criminals like Hillary Clinton.

Wray “has worked as a white-collar criminal defense lawyer, [and] also served for a few years in the Department of Justice during former President George W. Bush’s administration as head of the Criminal Division.”

His credentials go on. “…graduate of Yale Law School, clerked for a justice on the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals,” and – in one of the most impressive lists I’ve ever seen – “oversaw efforts to take on corporate fraud and clean up the U.S. financial markets, going after drug traffickers, intellectual property thieves and distributors of child pornography, as well as other white collar crimes.”

Here’s the interesting part – take a good, long look at that list at the end.

Drug traffickers, corporate fraud, associations with child molesters…does this sound like a family we know well?

Because I have one in mind. And they’ve escaped justice for years.

But maybe they won’t with a new man at the helm.

Fact is, James Comey, as talented as he was, never had the strength or the guts to do the most important thing – take down Hillary Clinton. And Trump promised he’d lock her up.

Comey didn’t do so. And then Trump fired Comey, and hired Wray.

Perhaps he’s preparing to finally make good on that promise.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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