Man Opens Fire At Church & Kills 1, Then He Takes Aim At His Next Target…But God Has A Different Plan

If there’s two things that liberals love to bash, it’s Christians and guns. So it’s fitting when Christians and guns stick with each other.

Truth is, Christian churches need to be constantly on guard. Every lib idea and agenda is a threat to Christian morals and honest patriotism.

Sometimes, though, the threat is more than just ideological. Sometimes it’s very, physically, tangibly real.

That’s when it’s good that a Christian has a gun. Because without it, a whole lot more people can die in a mass shooting.

This time, though, it’s only one.

The Independent Journal Review reports:

A shooting Sunday morning at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in the Nashville, Tennessee, area left one dead and at least seven injured.

After [shooter Emanuel Kidega Samson] killed churchgoer Melanie Smith as she was walking towards her car, he “began indiscriminately shooting.” It was then that church usher Caleb Engle, 22, confronted him.

Now, there’s two twists to this story. And you’ve probably guessed the first one – Engle is a gun owner. And, like most 2nd Amendment conservatives, he’s about to prove wrong every liberal who tries to argue that ‘gun owners don’t stop mass shootings.’

But I’m willing to bet you won’t guess the second twist. It has everything to do with Engle’s gun, and marks him as one of the bravest Americans you’ll ever meet.

Because at the time of the confrontation with Mass Shooter Samson, Engle’s gun…is in his car.

He decided to fight without it.

“There was a significant struggle between the two,” Nashville police spokesman Don Aaron said, adding: “During the struggle, the gunman shot himself, probably not intentionally, in the left pectoral muscle.”

Apparently, people who respect the Constitution also respect personal bravery and sacrifice. It’s no wonder they’re mostly conservatives.

But don’t let the initial lack of a gun fool you: Engle’s gun was just as essential as his bravery was. After all, it was the gun that kept the peace until the cops showed up.

Engle, a licensed gun owner, retrieved a firearm from his vehicle, returned inside, and “made sure that the gunman didn’t make any more movements until the police department arrived.”

The Left will tell you that personal firearms rarely, if ever, deter mass shootings.

Well, this is at least once. And once is certainly enough reason to keep the 2nd Amendment healthy.

I’m sure the Burnette Chapel agrees.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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