Robber Points Gun At Store Clerk And Demands Money, But What He Got Wasn’t What He Expected

The twist in this story isn’t what you think. It’s definitely not what I thought.

We’ve all heard the stories of burglaries gone wrong, and they follow a pattern – criminal enters store, criminal demands money from store, store clerk has a gun or a gutsy pair of fists, and criminal flees. It’s not the safest way to protect the business from financial loss. But it’s easily the most entertaining.

Mind you, in almost all of these cases, the store clerk needs a gun. Nothing makes an assailant back down like a quickly even playing field. ‘You have a gun, and I have a gun; now we’re even.’ Even odds usually make thugs reconsider.

But, as I said, you have to have a gun. Sometimes you don’t.

Sometimes you have…nothing. Literally, nothing.

How awesome do you have to be to make a thief back off just by staring him down?

The Independent Journal Review reports:

In what was supposed to be a robbery, a store clerked turned the attempt into a sad retreat for the burglar. The clerk did it all without having to bring out a gun or having to do anything at all.

When the wannabe robber pulled out a gun and demanded money, the clerk simply pushed the items the burglar had brought to the counter toward him. When he demanded again, the clerk simply stared back at him.

Which brings us to my favorite part:

When the robber realized he was not going to get any money, he grabbed the items and walked out.

This is the kind of thing you need to see to believe.

Luckily for us, we have video.

You have to admire a guy who can instantly size up a threat, spot a bluff, and then call that bluff. Especially if the bluff has a gun, and you don’t.

I’d hate to play poker against this clerk.

Thus far, it doesn’t look like the burglar has been apprehended. But it’s a good bet that he won’t return to this particular spot.

After all, in a tense situation, few things are worse than a stare-down.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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