Man Attacks Police Officer And Pens Him To The Ground, That’s When Back Up Arrives

It’s hard being a cop. You have to be the most patient person on the planet…even when someone is hitting you in the face.

Let’s face it – cops have guns for a reason. But it’s not like officers want to use their firearms. And their firearms are no guarantee of safety. It’s actually quite difficult to hit a moving target with a handgun. Television only makes it look easy

Of course, if you’re being attacked, you simply have no choice. You need to use your firearm.

Unless you’re Deputy Sean Youngward. In which case, the choice will be made for you only when backup arrives.

This is undoubtedly the most patient cop on the planet.

The Associated Press reports:

Authorities say a sheriff’s deputy in Florida fatally shot a suspect who attacked the officer.

42-year-old Jean Pedro Pierre attacked 48-year-old Deputy Sean Youngward. Witnesses told investigators that Pierre punched and kicked Youngward.

Youngward had to call in backup when non-lethal methods failed to subdue Pierre.

Now, keep in mind that this is the point at which the average citizen would reach for his firearm and defend himself. Youngward decided to give Pierre one last chance, and refused to shoot him.

More than that, actually – Youngward took the time to call for backup. That’s not an easy thing to do when someone is trying to punch you into submission.

But it does give your assailant one last chance to save his own life. Pierre didn’t take that chance.

Deputy Steven Briggs arrived and the sheriff’s office said he found Youngward on his back, still under assault.

Briggs ordered Pierre to stop before firing several shots.

Pierre, who was unarmed, died at a hospital.

Pierre may have been unarmed, but he was still dangerous. And foolish – you don’t attack a cop. And you definitely don’t keep attacking a cop when he gives you multiple chances to quit.

Like I said – the most patient person on the planet.

Youngward, like all cops involved in a lethal shooting, is on leave until the shooting is investigated. But I’m confident he’ll be back on the job soon.

After all, neither he nor Briggs killed Pierre. Pierre did it to himself.

Source: AP

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