Texas Dad Out To Eat With Kids Gets Gun Pulled On Him By Robber, Pulls Out ‘Something’ Of His Own

Life can change in a heartbeat, and there’s not all that much we can do about that unfortunate reality.

However, we can all make sure that ourselves and our loved ones are protected as much as possible.

There are bad people out there that are hell bent on doing horrible things, and there’s no law on the books that’s going to prevent that from happening.

That said, giving those with bad intentions a little extra food for thought can help to serve as a little bit of a deterrent.

Stories such as this one can only help in that regard. 

Independent Journal Review shares the details.

A father took his family out to eat at Popeyes in San Antonio, Texas, on Wednesday night when he found himself in a nightmare scenario.

A robber reportedly rushed into the restaurant and demanded money from the father. When he refused, the suspect turned his attention to nearby employees and tried to rob them as well.

The quick-thinking dad then tried to rush his family out of the Popeyes, but before they all made it out, the robber allegedly pulled a gun and pointed it at the man’s children.

As you can only imagine, the dad had to be downright terrified. It’s bad enough to know that you’re in harm’s way, but to have your own children in peril is unbelievably frightening.

Despite that, the dad kept his wits about him – and he quickly handled the situation.


As soon as the father saw the gun pointed at his kids, he pulled out his own firearm and dropped the robber with a deadly accurate shot.

The robbery suspect was later declared dead.

Police later learned that the heroic father was licensed to carry a firearm. The family was unharmed during the scary incident.

There’s no telling what would’ve happened if the dad hadn’t been armed.

When a robber is so off the rails enough that he will point a gun at children, all bets are off in terms of which way the situation is going to go.

We’ll chalk one up for the good guys here, and also keep our fingers crossed that this will help to deter other unhinged folks – or at least make them think twice before acting out in such violent fashion.   

Source: Independent Journal Review

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