Secretary Of Defense Mattis Reveals What The Number One Priority For America Should Be Right Now

If you listened to the Mainstream Media and its following of liberal lapdogs, you’d probably believe one thing about Trump’s priorities for the nation: he’s only interested in helping the rich. Or the rich and famous.

It’s a lie that’s been consistently hammered into the public’s mind. ‘Trump doesn’t care about the poor;’ ‘Trump doesn’t care about immigrants;’ ‘Trump doesn’t care about the military.’

Of all those lies, the last one is always the most impressive to me. Because it’s quite obvious that Trump cares a great deal about the military. It’s one reason why he’s working so hard to avoid a government shutdown – that’s the only way to make sure soldiers receive pay.

But, oddly enough, none of those things are Trump’s main priority. Not even the military – and the great General James Mattis knows this well. And he agrees with Trump.

After all, as Mattis himself made clear, the priority is the Constitution.

It’s always been the Constitution.

The Independent Journal Review reports:

President Donald Trump and top congressional leaders met to discuss avoiding a government shutdown, [and] President Trump prompted Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis to say a few words.

“It’s an honor to be here with the leaders from the Hill, sir. The number one priority for our country is to make certain we protect its Constitution and our way of life.”

There’s something refreshing about hearing the phrase ‘protect the Constitution’ in a room full of veteran DC politicians.

Honestly, I’m betting a few of them had to Google ‘Constitution.’

But the big takeaway from Mattis’ few words isn’t that he quietly schooled a room full of Swampists on how to do their jobs. It’s that he, a military man, didn’t mention once what we’d expect him to mention – namely, that without an approved budget, no soldier gets paid.

U.S. troops will not receive paychecks during a government shutdown.

Nobody gets paid,” Mattis’s Under Secretary of Defense David Norquist told Pentagon reporters.

Mattis will be more concerned about this than anyone else in government. And yet he didn’t mention it.

He only mentioned the Constitution. This is the man Trump hired for the job.

And you hire people who reflect your own principles, after all.

Trump cares about the country, and its founding documents. Ignore the liberal lies.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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