Look What Democrats Want To Take Away From Senior Citizens Now

Liberals always look to punish those in need.

Even though they claim to help Americans, more often they harm people they think are getting in the way.

It’s especially true when you consider how they treat the elderly. Men and women who deserve our respect and consideration are often neglected by the system created by liberals.

They’ve suffered so much at the hands of democrats. And now we’re learning they might suffer even more.

From Free Beacon:

A Democratic alderman from Manchester, N.H. suggested at a recent committee meeting that he wants the government to create a program to get elderly people to leave their homes they can no longer afford, arguing the city “can’t be run by the elderly…”

Herbert described his 85-year-old neighbor who cannot afford to stay at her house, saying that instead of offering her tax credits, the government should have a program to get her out of her home.

“I’ve got an 85-year-old woman that lives across the street, and, and she won’t give up her house,” Herbert said. “She’s sitting on $350,000 and she can’t afford it anymore, and you’re saying give her a tax credit. No, we should have a program that gets her out of the house.”

Typical Socialist rhetoric. If they deem someone is no longer useful, they want to get rid of them.

Imagine that. People who worked hard all their lives, who contributed to this country, who paid into Social Security and other programs. Now that they’re too old to work, the left want to just kick them to the curb.

Yet I’m sure Herbert wants to provide free housing, healthcare, and food for illegal immigrants. American citizens? They need to get out!

There is a reason for this kind of double standard. Elderly Americans, who worked hard to build this country, often hold to conservative values. They also stand up for what they believe in and vote accordingly.

Minorities, especially illegal immigrants, are easier to control by the government. They’ll do whatever liberals tell them to, because they promise them handouts.

Not a surprise this liberal wants to get rid of the elderly.

Source: Free Beacon

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