SICK: You Can Thank Radical Liberals That This One Shocking Expense Is Tax Deductible, Who Knew?

It’s shocking to realize just how warped liberal values are, when compared to the rest of the America.

While they claim to care about protecting the rights of the less fortunate, be they people of color, gays, or women, often those protections seek to rewrite our definitions of what’s moral and just.

Today’s modern left doesn’t seek equality among the races, but often wages war against white Americans, blaming them for the problems black Americans face.

Instead of finding common ground from which we can all work, they pit neighbor against neighbor, driving us apart.

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For years we’ve had to tolerate their continued excuses for why a practice as barbaric as abortion is not only needed, but also a right.

They claim that a woman’s right to choose is part of her Constitutional freedoms. Yet they always neglect to consider the right of the unborn person.

What say do they have in the decision, considering it’s their body on the line?

The poison of the left has so infected our society, that not only are practices like abortion allowed, but they are considered a normal part of our daily life.

So much so, that the government makes special allowances for them.

According to the IRS:

Generally speaking medical expenses a person pays for out of pocket can be deducted on their taxes, which can give them a break.

Yet abortion is so common in our country that it’s treated as just another medical expense, like getting a check up or cleaning your teeth.

Liberals have so forced the issue that our government can’t distinguish between a horrendous, evil practice that takes the lives of unborn children and a simple trip to the doctor.

I’m sure that brings a sigh of relief to every liberal come tax time. Good news: your vile extinguishing of human life can be deducted on your taxes! You can save a little bit of money for killing a baby!

We should all be proud.

Our only hope is that our current leadership in D.C. will make enough headway that we can greatly reduce this practice in America, perhaps outlawing once and for all.

Source: Fusion

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