UNBELIEVABLE! Look Who Democrats INVITED to The State Of The Union Address — Trump Is OUTRAGED!

Tonight President Trump will be addressing a joint session of Congress, the first time he will be doing so since being elected president.

Trump enjoys a GOP majority in both houses of Congress. Much of the country is being governed by conservative leadership. Democrats haven’t been at such a low state of influence since 1920’s.

Those that are left in D.C. have little influence over our country. Bitter over such defeats, they have done nothing but complain with every decisive step Trump takes to restoring American strength and dignity.

Democrats have dragged out Senate confirmation hearings for the president’s cabinet picks, a petty tactic just to annoy our leadership.

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They have hosts press conferences to complain and “cry” over Trump’s decisive executive orders. And of course they appear on such news stations and the Communist News Network to make bogus claims about Trump and his administration.

None of it is fooling the American people, who have sent a clear message on Election Day that they want nothing to do with the failed policies of Obama and the left.

At tonight’s historic event, democrats will seek another tactic to undermine the president, one that will clearly blow up in their faces.

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From IJR:

From immigration activists to defenders of Obamacare, House and Senate Democrats are inviting guests to sit in on the president’s address Tuesday evening in the balcony-level gallery of the House chamber…

Arizona Reps. Ruben Gallego and Raul Grijalva invited Angel and Jaqueline Garcia de Rayos, whose mother, an unauthorized immigrant, was deported to Mexico earlier this month as a result of Trump’s new immigration policy…

A handful of other Democrats are bringing Americans who have benefited from Obamacare, including cancer patients and elderly women with severe medical conditions.

This kind of tactic won’t do anything to prevent President Trump from speaking his mind, as he always does, and confronting those issues that need to be confronted.

You see, the democrats still think Trump is a typical politician, who minces around fearfully, concerned over being politically correct and not to offend anyone.

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They think that bringing illegal aliens to the event or outspoken proponents of failed Obamacare will have any impact on Trump.

They clearly have not been paying attention over the last two years. Trump is a real leader, a bold decision-maker, and someone that is not afraid to speak his mind to anyone.

He is the most dangerous man to be elected president since Teddy Roosevelt.

Every scheme the left contrives to bring him down will fail, because they underestimate him. This new tactic will work right into his hands, as it will give him a chance to confront the very people who are opposing him.

Expect tonight’s speech to be one wild ride.

Source: IJR

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