WHOA: CIA Drops Shocking White House BOMBSHELL On Americans — Barack Is Still…

President Trump needs to purge the White House of all disloyal aides, and all possible disloyal aides, if his administration is going to thrive.

It’s no secret that former National Security Advisor to Trump, Michael Flynn, was fired because former Obama officials worked very hard to get him fired.

The mainstream media isn’t reporting it, but it’s been covered quite extensively.

And now one more voice is telling the truth about it. And it’s none other than a former spy.

Joe for America reports: his name is Tony Shaffer, and he is a former CIA analyst. He went on fox Business and was interviewed by Deirdre Bolton regarding the leaks that have been coming out of the White House. He believes that these leaks are coming from both Obama White house holdovers as well as some Republicans.

Shaffer went on Fox and boldly spoke what no one had yet said on camera – that Michael Flynn did nothing wrong.

And some of the people that brought him down are names you’d recognize – ‘former CIA director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence Jim Clapper and former Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes.’

Michal Flynn

Trump may have a bigger problem with unpatriotic disloyalty than we thought.

The name that keeps coming up, though, is Ben Rhodes.

The Obama administration adviser, Ben Rhodes has done his best to lead a secret campaign against Flynn, and it has obviously been successful.

Why Flynn? Well he strongly opposes the Iran Nuclear deal. The Obama loyalists created a plan and conducted their scheme behind the scenes to bring Flynn down.

They injected damaging stories on Flynn right into the national media…a media that if I didn’t know any better was ran by Satan himself.

I’ve reported before about this very issue. Obama’s dangerous reach is still causing damage to Trump, to this country, and to the American people. He and his minions need to be cut out of government entirely.

Trump wouldn’t be out of line at all to purge the White House staff. The question is whether or not any further damage is done before he does so. And the first names on the chopping block need to be Ben Rhodes.

The American people deserve no less. Obama needs to go – and that includes everyone still working for him.

Source: Joe for America

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