Wow: Trump’s Pick To Be Confirmed…Democrats Are In Meltdown!

As Trump prepares to restore law and order to the disastrous mess that is the Obama presidency, childish libs and Democrats are busy trying to undermine his officials.

Also, they’re proving themselves monstrously dishonest. We’ll come back to that.

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions was interrogated recently, and it was every possible Titanic train-wreck of a mess that conservatives could hope for. Democrats proved, as they’ve always proven, that they come up empty when it comes time to ask meaningful questions, or to have honest and calm debate. Liberals, it seems, prefer screaming at something, rather than talking it out.

And the screaming, if you haven’t heard it yet, pretty much amounts to one thing: racist! Republicans are racist!

And we are tired, tired of hearing it.

The Democrat smear campaign was in full swing, as Lifezette reported. “Sessions can expect grilling on [liberal policy issues], as well as his relationship with President-Elect Donald Trump, his tenure as a prosecutor in the 1980s, and old allegations of racial insensitivity that sank his bid for a judicial appointment in 1986.” Mind you, those allegations of ‘racial insensitivity’? Nothing more than a joke Sessions made, where he promised to prosecute KKK members, so long as they’d been smoking pot. Given that pot was such a hot-button issue at the time, the humor should have been obvious. Democrats, it seems, didn’t get it. Again.

Still, even with liberal smears, Sessions is likely to pass muster, and for a reason you won’t believe – some Democrats are voting for him, too. They’re making the case against him, presenting that case, lying and calling him a racist, and then support him anyways.

According to the executive director for the Center for Immigration Studies, “’he’s guaranteed to be confirmed. Democrats know this. The point of this is to dirty up Sessions as much as possible … A lot of this is just performance art for their base that just can’t believe Trump won.’

Pitney said he believes most Democrats will vote against Sessions because the liberal base demands it. But he speculated that some of them might tell Sessions privately not to take it personally.”

Let me see if I understand this…Democrats have spent the entire campaign calling Trump a liar. They’ve tried to twist his words to make him say things that he clearly never said. They’ve lied, cheated, and stolen everything they could to defeat Donald Trump. And now, after doing the very same thing to his cabinet picks, they’re turning around and voting for him anyway.

Well, Democrats, a win is a win, so we’ll take it. But you’ve secured for yourselves a firm place in liar’s hell.

Source: Lifezette

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