SHOCKER: Marines Under Investigation As Disgusting NUDE Photo Scandal ROCKS The Nation

The men and women who serve in the Armed Forces of the United States are held to the highest standards of conduct.

In order to serve their country, they undergo intense training, education, and preparation in order to endure the hardships that warfare brings.

They are required to serve their commanding officers loyally, without question or disobedience.

This kind of discipline is what keeps our fighting forces the strongest in the world and ensures our safety.

So it is especially disheartening when we learn of individuals within the Armed Forces who fall below that standard of excellence.

When they behave wrongly, in either their personal lives or while on duty, it not only hurts their reputation, but the reputation of our nation and military.

Such was the case recently, when a shocking and disgusting Facebook page was discovered and brought to light.

From AP:

The Defense Department is investigating reports that some Marines shared naked photographs of female Marines, veterans and other women on a secret Facebook page, some of which were taken without their knowledge.

The photographs were shared on the Facebook page “Marines United,” which had a membership of active-duty and retired male Marines, Navy corpsmen and British Royal Marines.

Along with identified female military members were some unidentifiable women in various stages of undress, and the posts included obscene comments about some of the women, officials said…

The CIR report said that more than two dozen active-duty women, officers and enlisted, were identified by their rank, full name and location in the photographs on the Facebook page.

Other photographs of active duty and veteran women were also posted and linked through a Google Drive link…

An internal Marine Corps document obtained by The Associated Press says a former Marine maintained the Google Drive and that it had a following of 30,000.

The NCIS investigation is “in support of two individuals affected by postings,” according to the document.

Both the Marine Corps and NCIS are investigating the matter.

When those responsible for the page’s content are found out, they will be charged with violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and subject to criminal proceedings or adverse administrative actions.

One could only imagine how the victims of this page will respond. There very might be a class-action lawsuit or multiple civil cases against the perpetrators.

According to the report, the page had over 30,000 followers. Being a private page, it must be assumed that only military personnel were followers, that’s 30,000 men in the Marines and Navy.

This is the sad state of our Armed Forces; the lax standards set by the Obama administration has allowed such poor and reprehensible behavior.

Instead of whipping our servicemen into shape, they have been allowed to languish in complacency, indulging in some of the worst behavior.

Hopefully those connected with this page will be held accountable, and new accountability measures will be put into place so this never happens again.

Source: AP

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