Boom: Americans Hand Liberal Media Back Their Bull*hit In Shocking Poll Results…Even Trump Is Stunned!

We’ve seen over the last year a sharp drop in support traditional media has enjoyed.

While we’ve known for a long time that the mainstream media possesses a liberal bias, the 2016 Presidential Election proved they’ve long ago gave up reporting the truth.

Their attempts to slander Donald Trump and prop up Hillary Clinton were so shocking, it has irreparably damaged American’s confidence in the media.

Since Donald Trump’s victory on November 8, the MSM has continued to attack, malign, and blatantly distort coverage of his presidency.

From lying about the MLK bust to slandering his cabinet picks, the mainstream media does not care about reporting the facts, but are working overtime to discredit Trump’s administration.

This kind of behavior does not go unnoticed by the public. Most Americans expect the media to report on the news factually.

They want their reporters and journalists to deliver the truth to them. Despite their personal biases, viewers would like to know that they are not being lied to, or manipulated by anyone.

But the continued distortion by the liberal media has left them in disrepair. Everyone knows it.

From Hot Air:

A key finding of the poll shows that voters find the Trump administration to be more truthful than the news media. The Trump administration is considered truthful by 49% of voters, to 48% of voters who consider it untruthful.

Meanwhile, the news media is considered untruthful by a 53%-majority of registered voters, to only 39% who find them truthful (a 14-point gap).

This kind of poll isn’t entirely helpful, considering that we’re comparing an entire industry, made up of various companies, both liberal and conservative, to a presidency.

How people feel about the president depends largely on whether they voted for him or not and if they are even aware of what he’s doing.

What people feel about the mainstream media is largely dependent on which news source they watch or read.

That most likely means they are exposed to sources they already trust; why would you pay time and money supporting an outlet you don’t?

Yet the numbers do paint us a somewhat clear picture of what people think of the media. They’ve dug themselves into such a deep hole, thanks to their bias, that so many don’t trust them at face value.

In an age where the President and other leaders can speak directly to the people, through social media, online videos, and their own websites, is the media even needed?

Why do we need CNN or the New York Times to tell us what’s going on, when we can just follow the President on Twitter?

The role of the press is to hold our leaders accountable, to report on the news they might not want people to know about (much less tweet about).

Yet the continued bias and dishonest of the press is making that job impossible. People refuse to believe them when they talk.

So how can they hold anyone else accountable, when they can’t do that for themselves?

Source: Hot Air


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