BANNED! Liberal Media Goes INSANE As The Federal Government FORBIDS All…

Trump’s revised travel ban is making more and more sense.

That’s not something you’re going to hear from liberal media, of course.

They’re going to report on bits and pieces, just the parts that make other liberals angry, and just the parts that sound bad.

But no one is going to do a comprehensive report on all of it put together. Because that would be fair. And it would look good for Trump.

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Which brings me to today’s Travel Ban news, and a security measure that makes a whole lot of good sense: no big electronic devices on planes.

At least not if you’re from one of several dangerous Mideast nations.

If you’re thinking, ‘well, yeah, that makes perfect sense’ – well, you’re probably a conservative. And not stupid.

Yahoo! News reports:

The United States is banning many common electronic devices from the cabin in inbound and outbound flights on more than a dozen Middle Eastern and African airlines.

Devices including laptops, tablets, cameras, and DVDS can only be put in checked bags. Medical devices and cellphones were exempted. The ban comes into effect starting March 21 and airlines are expected to comply within 96 hours.

A U.S. official told CNN the directive would be for a limited duration, applies to some Middle Eastern and African countries, and is meant to ensure extra security measures at specific airports.

Yahoo! didn’t make what is the most obvious comparison – that of these new security measures vs. the old and useless ones that TSA used to have.

Because, truly, a laptop is way, way more dangerous than a few ounces of liquid. Especially in the hands of a potential terrorist.

Trump’s administration has a lot of common sense that other presidents lacked.

Liberals, and upper-class elite world travelers, are spending all their time getting furious. But no one seems to be listening to them at this point.

I guess if you spend all your time crying wolf, people start to ignore you when you scream about laptops.

And, let’s face it – you don’t need your laptop on a flight. Bring a book, for goodness’ sakes.

The extra safety measures will help Trump keep the airlines free of potential terrorists. And they make a great deal of common sense.

It’s probably why you haven’t heard a lot about it in the media.

Source: Yahoo! News

(ISIS must be destroyed.)

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