WOW: Sex Slaves Treated Like ANIMALS Just Rescued From ISIS…Their First Act Of Freedom Will SHOCK You!

If you ever want complete proof that militant Islam is evil, just look at what it does to its victims.

Or, if you can’t stomach that – and most people can’t – just look at what its victims do when they’re released.

Let’s be blunt – liberals try their idiot best to explain away the terrible evils of radical Islamic rule and Sharia law.

And the common line they use is this: ‘well, the people living under these systems want to live this way. The men, and the women.’

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No, they don’t. I mean…seriously? How many women do you actually know?

Breitbart News has been keeping a close eye on developments with ISIS. And they’ve just found video evidence that – and this should come as no surprise – women hate living under ISIS.

Or, put another way, women hate being kept in cells, forced to cover up at all times, and constantly raped.

Video footage published by the Iraqi Kurdish news outlet Rudaw…shows a group of gleeful women celebrating their freedom by stamping on their face veils before setting them on fire and smoking cigarettes.

“These people were under the control of [ISIS] who forced women to wear religious clothing, men were banned from smoking, children were not supposed to be playing and dancing in the street,” Julie Lenarz, director of Human Security Centre (HSC), told the Independent.

“These are women who would have worn a headscarf or Muslim clothing but not a full face veil, so they see it as a real liberation,” she added.

Smoking may not seem like a tremendous rebellion to most of us in the US. But to a group of women denied even the most basic rights, it’s a huge slap in the face to militant Islam.

And make no mistake – doing this in front of ISIS soldiers would get every single one of these women killed. Every single one.

After all, if radical Muslim men won’t hesitate to do these things to women, why would they hesitate to kill them?

The women endured inhumane conditions, as the militants forced them to live in darkness

Female prisoners were kept in cells just three feet wide, which were so cramped they could barely stretch out their arms.

The women had been captured and kept as sex slaves, housed like animals in the tiny windowless cells behind huge steel doors.

[They] endured inhumane conditions, as the militants forced them to live in darkness and regularly subjected to torture, rape, and beatings.

The DailyMail doesn’t sugarcoat things.

Nor should we. ISIS must be destroyed. Whatever else we think about, or talk about – this is more important. ISIS must be destroyed.

Source: Breitbart News

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