White House Says — Obama’s Presidency Is Over, We’re Going To Get HIM!

It’s becoming more and more clear that President Trump understands better than anyone else what it means to Leave No Man Behind.

He’s generating jobs for middle America. He’s keeping out terrorists for all of America.

And he’s finally doing what two other presidents have completely refused to do – get back an American being held hostage in Iran.

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You may have heard the name Robert Levinson – he’s an FBI agent that went missing in Iran 10 years ago.

Obama ignored his responsibilities as president, and did nothing to get Levinson back.

Trump, however, doesn’t screw around when it comes to negotiating with foreign nations. And Levinson’s family has noticed, and has given president Trump their full confidence.

Fox news reports:

“[Trump] can do something that two US presidents haven’t done,” Daniel Levinson said.

“I do not think there has been enough pressure on the Iranians over the years. Trump is a dealmaker who has no issues using tough language with Iran.”

“I think he’s well suited to bring my dad home.”

Liberals are constantly under the idiotic impression that simply being nice to people will get things done. But it’s been 10 years, and Iran refuses to even admit that Levinson is alive.

But US intelligence experts are certain that he is. His family has even received video and photos of him that, while several years old, at least verify that he has been a prisoner for quite a long time.

Trump and Sean Spicer made it clear on Thursday that they were going to bring Levinson home. It was that very press conference they gave Levinson’s family hope.

But it’s worth noting the contrast between Trump’s press conference and Obama’s press conference. Because, when John Kerry was asked about Levinson, he said simply this:

“We have no idea.”

Way to instill confidence in the American people, Johnny.

You want to give us your estimates at how many areas of Iraq will fall to ISIS, too? Or tell us how many people are still alive in the embassy in Benghazi?

It’s no wonder so many of us now only trust Trump.

Levinson’s return would mark a brand-new era in international relations with Iran. Specifically, it  would signal the time when we finally refused to be jerked around.

And Trump is just the man for the job.

Source: Fox News

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