Ka-Boom: $1 Billion Bombshell Hits US Economy…Trump Is Tweeting!

Pop quiz: it’s three days until the election. How many jobs has Donald Trump created before taking office? For extra credit, how many more has he created than Barack Obama?

The answer – so far, I mean – is 11,700. And that number continues to rise. I guess you can do a lot when you don’t go golfing all the time.

Trump’s brilliant strategy of ‘tweet and expose’ has struck again. The president-elect’s blunt and honest style in tweeting was never appreciated by the mainstream media, nor establishment Republicans – not even when it clearly helped him win – but it’s proving, over and over again, that it’s a powerful weapon for suffering Americans. No more unemployment lines.

Losing jobs to Mexico? Trump tweets his anger, and the jobs come back. It’s happening so often now, it’s almost a regular thing.

Reports of this are coming in from all over, but let’s take a look at some of the greatest hits. The newest, from NBC: “General Motors, one of several automakers criticized for building vehicles in Mexico and shipping them to the U.S., plans to add more than a thousand jobs in the U.S., according to sources who shared the plans with CNBC.

The jobs are part of a $1 billion investment the automaker is making into GM facilities in the U.S.”

NBC, remember, is a lib publication, so if they’re still reporting this pro-Trump and pro-America news, it’s a sure thing.

Now, to be fair to Leftist naysayers, one thousand jobs is good, but not nearly enough. It’s too bad we don’t have more examples.

Oh, wait…we do. There’s Wal-Mart, which, according to Fortune, plans “to create some 10,000 jobs in the United States this year, a move that may help it get in front any potential pressure from President-elect Donald Trump.” There’s Ford, which CNN says pledged 700 new jobs in Michigan as a tip of the hat to Trump.

There’s Amazon, whose leader, Jeff Bezos, is a notorious Trump-basher. But even he’s gotten on the Trump-train, and offered 100,000 new jobs.

Obama’s recessive eight years are no easy hurdle to overcome, but Trump is clearly getting a running start. Liberals, take notes – if you want to create jobs, put America first, and get out of the way. These past few weeks are possibly the greatest example of conservative policy at work.

But it’s not all good news – in Trump’s new economy, a few people are actually losing their jobs. They’re lobbyists.

Wait, no…that is good news.

Source: NBC

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