Women’s Committee Asks Gowdy To Investigate Trump – He Schools Them On How the Actually Government Works…

Liberals want the government to solve all their problems.

It’s a toxic desire – every time, the government will pretend to solve the problem, while taking the power necessary to solve the problem…and never, ever giving it up.

Try explaining this truth to a liberal, though, and you’re sure to be disappointed, and met with cries of ‘you just don’t care.’

I guess if you don’t use government power to solve every problem, you just don’t care.


Conservatives can care all day long and it doesn’t mean that the government has to be involved. As we all know, when you use the government to fix the problem it usually ends up making the problem much, much worse.

Thank God there’s lawmakers in Congress who get this….lawmakers who can resist the temptation to use their power to solve popular problems.

Extremely popular problems.

Trey Gowdy just rejected an offer to investigate sexual harassment, folks. Not because he’s cruel. Because it isn’t his proper job.

The Independent Journal Review reports:

In a letter to the Democratic Women’s Working Group on Tuesday, House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy indicated the Justice Department, not his committee, should investigate sexual harassment allegations made against President Donald Trump.

Before explaining, Gowdy told the group he sent their request — to investigate allegations against Trump — to the Justice Department.

“This Committee, nor any other Committee of Congress, does not, and cannot, prosecute crimes,” Gowdy said.

Let’s be clear about what was asked, and what Gowdy said.

Democrats have been trying for some time to crash Trump’s presidency with the sexual harassment accusations made against him during the campaign.

Accusations like this aren’t new – politicians have been getting them for centuries, some true, some false. Bill Clinton got dozens of them.

Of course, Dems didn’t believe the Clinton accusations. Apparently, if you’re a liberal, women are only to be believed if they’re accusing a Republican.

Gowdy, in his capacity as a Congressional investigator, was asked to investigate the Trump harassment claims. It’s a trap.

If he accepts, he looks like a never-Trumper. If he rejects, he looks insensitive and cruel.

Luckily for us, Gowdy is smart – and knows his job. He’s not supposed to prosecute crimes that may have happened before someone takes office.

Gowdy’s answer? ‘No thanks, but I’ll pass your request along.’

His job is everything that happens after that.

Here is a video where he goes to town on a government official for ignoring the CRIME of sexual harassment committed in the workplace.

That’s the great thing about Gowdy, he has his views because of careful calculation and thinking. You will almost never find him contradicting himself as a result.

Smart man. Too bad Democrats don’t have his knowledge of government.

Source: IJR

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