Exposed: The Lie Set To Destroy Trumps’ Inauguration Revealed…Americans Are Furious!

Liberals live in a bubble. A concrete, reinforced bubble, immune to facts, logic, or evidence.

Inside, we have a plush interior where one can remain insulated from the real world, babbling on about Russian hackers, whiney Electoral College complaints, and complete misunderstandings of the word ‘legitimacy.’

Also inside this bubble there are many liars, which is no surprise. Don’t believe me? We have proof. Proof that shows Liberals are lying to try and ruin our president-elect.


John Lewis, if you remember, is boycotting Trump’s inauguration. His reasons – aside from being a sore Democrat loser – sound oddly familiar, and there’s a good reason: he’s given them before. Even though he says he hasn’t.

Lewis told Meet the Press that he would be skipping. “I don’t plan to attend the inauguration…first one that I miss since I’ve been in Congress.” The first part isn’t news – lots of liberal crybabies are staying home. But the second is a boldfaced lie – Lewis has skipped out of other inaugurations.

Twitter was quick to catch the deception. And, in a moment of pure satisfaction, the Trump-bashing Washington Post was used to expose Lewis’ lie.

John Lewis’ real reasons for disliking Trump are obvious, and the same as other liberals – Trump represents a chance to return power to everyday Americans, which threatens the stranglehold on political power Democrats have had for eight long years.

But Lewis’ stated reasons for disliking Trump are the same tired and idiot boogeymen that the Left and gullible reporters have been trotting out for weeks now: Russians. It’s the Russians. Run, run for your lives!

Lewis laid it out for NBC. “‘I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president. I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.’”

My question for Lewis – and all Democrats who still cling to this absurd idea – is, and always will be, this: how can exposing a known criminal be considered ‘election tampering’? Seriously, how? That’s like finding out your fiancée is a wanted international thief, right before you’re married. And then getting angry at the person who told you, rather than the love interest who lied to you.

It’s a fitting analogy, really – love is blind. So are liberals. And when presented with facts, they get angry, and stick with their emotions, rather than their reason. Back in the concrete, reinforced bubble you go.


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