Should Your Tax Dollars Pay For Sex Change Surgery?

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Last fall Americans were stunned to find out that they were going to be paying for Bradley Manning, now Chelsea Manning, to have gender reassignment surgery. If you’re not familiar with Bradley Manning he was convicted of giving Wikileaks three quarters of a million classified/sensitive military documents. He was imprisoned, but his sentence was commuted by former President Obama, so he was released on May 17, 2017.

Liberals claim that gender reassignment surgeries are medical necessities for people with gender dysphoria, the distress a person experiences a a result of the gender they were assigned at birth. Many doctors have argued that this is not true, and that gender reassignment is in fact more harmful to patients in the long run.

Hotair reports:

We’re talking about additional taxpayer funded medical expenses for a procedure which is dubious in its medical benefits at best and can, in the long run, be damaging. Dr. Paul McHugh, former psychiatrist in chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital, described in an editorial for the Wall Street Journal why that facility stopped performing “gender reassignment” surgery decades ago after being one of the first hospitals in the nation to experiment with it…

…He goes on to confirm that their decision to stop performing this surgery was, a wise one. In addition to a failure to produce any long term benefit, Dr. McHugh also cites the studies revealing that suicide rates among post-operative patients average twenty times higher than the rest of the population.

What do you think America? Do you want think we should pay for sex changes?

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Source: Hotair

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