Finally! She’s Going To Trial — And All Because She Just Made 1 Big Mistake!

The world’s biggest liberal snowflake just learned that actions have consequences.

There was no shortage of angry lib protestors after Trump was elected fair and square – they swarmed DC, all major cities, and whined and moaned on social media for months afterwards.

But most of them eventually realized that they needed to go home, and accept the inevitable. Otherwise they might end up tackled, arrested, and charged.

A few of them still don’t get it. And one of those is the biggest name among them, a woman who has been fabricating headlines for herself for decades – Desiree Fairooz.

If you don’t know who she is, let’s catch you up – Fairooz is a protestor. She’s been pushing liberal causes on camera for well over a decade. It’s the typical ‘sure, blah, blah’ copycat bandwagon list that leftists use whenever they feel like they need attention – War is Bad, Planned Parenthood is Great, Islam is Peaceful, etc.

A few weeks ago, though, Fairooz laughed out loud during Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing for Attorney General. It interrupted the proceedings, and drew attention to Fairooz.

And that, as it turns out, can get you arrested. And so she was. Actions have consequences.

MSN reports:

Prosecutors persisted this week in pursuing charges against the 61-year-old woman [a rookie cop] had taken into custody.

[The rookie cop] was involved in the arrest of Desiree Fairooz, an activist affiliated with the group Code Pink, after Fairooz laughed when Sen. Richard Shelby said that Sessions’ record of “treating all Americans equally under the law is clear and well-documented.”

Let’s be clear – the law is not on Fairooz’s side. Putting aside for the moment that Sessions’ record of upholding the law for all Americans, of every color, is absolutely stellar…consider this: whether you like it or not, laughing to disrupt a hearing is precisely that: a disruption.

Besides, given her love for getting herself arrested, Fairooz is probably jumping for joy at the thought of this whole thing going to trial.

Did I not mention that? Because it will. And she probably can’t wait, although she swears she didn’t mean any of it.

Fairooz is a protest veteran. A decade ago she put fake blood on her hands and confronted former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. But as she was being arrested after laughing during the hearing in January, she said she had not intended on interrupting the hearing.

Sure, you didn’t.

And now, cue the masterful performance:

“Why am I being taken out of here?” she asked. “I was going to be quiet, and now you’re going to have me arrested?”

As we mentioned, Fairooz is a protest veteran.

Don’t be fooled.

Source: MSN

(ISIS must be destroyed.)

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