Game Changer: Russia Drops Bombshell On ‘Leaks’…Democrats’ Heads Are Exploding!

Donald Trump is a winner. He’s beaten his competition in business – serious business competitors, mind you – and came out on top; he defeated a pile of competitors in the Republican primaries, and he defeated the better-financed and insider-organized Hillary Clinton in the general election.

With that record, you would think people would learn that it’s not wise to gang up against Donald Trump. Especially if all you have is lies, fake news, and empty rage. He will win, and the truth will come out.

Sadly – or, rather, ‘happily’ for those of us who enjoy watching liberals humiliate themselves in debate – many in government haven’t learned this lesson. Don’t go up against Trump. You’ll lose.

In related news, CNN and Buzzfeed published outrageous claims about president Trump. Claims that were supposedly leaked from Russia. Claims that have no basis; claims that have started a war with Trump.

And they’re losing.

A bit of background: recently a former British spy presented claims to American intelligence that Russia had been tampering with the election, and with Trump, to both help elect Trump, and then blackmail him afterwards. Apparently, somewhere in this mess of files is a claim that Trump performed lewd sex acts with hookers in a Ritz-Carlton Hotel bed that was once used by the Obamas, in an effort to humiliate Barack and Michelle.

The claims themselves are obvious nonsense – Trump already beat Hillary and Barack in the general election, so it’s not like he even needed to humiliate them further. And he’s been faithful to his gorgeous wife – honestly, if you need to cheat on Melania, you need to have your head examined.

So now we arrive at the truth about where this leaked information came from.

The Sun reports:A Kremlin spokesman insisted the unsubstantiated dossier had been fabricated and also denied it had information on Hillary Clinton.

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for President Vladimir Putin, spoke to reporters on a conference call and called the dossier a ‘fake’ and ‘fiction’ which had been dreamt up to further damage US-Russia relations.

He reportedly said: “The Kremlin does not have compromising information on Trump.”

The Sun goes on to provide the smoking gun that proved the whole thing was a lie:

“…the dossier was ‘generated by political operatives seeking to derail Mr. Trump’s candidacy.’

The retired MI6 spy was reportedly hired by a political research firm who worked for both Republican and Democratic enemies of Trump.

The Brit intelligence operative reportedly passed the explosive material to an FBI colleague.”

Read it again, if you must. I’ll wait up. The man who ‘leaked’ this intel was hired by the Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans to find it. This wasn’t an independent investigation. This was one man falsifying information, so that he could get paid. Without it, in fact, he wouldn’t get paid at all. And then it was ‘leaked’ to the news networks.

Given the absurd level of criminal activity that Hillary got away with, and that was given a free pass by the Mainstream Media, the very idea that US intelligence agencies would seek to prosecute Trump for an unverified, unsubstantiated, and blatantly obvious lie is telling.

But Trump will win. He always does. And when he does, watch out – the guys trying to bury him now are soon going to have to call him ‘boss.’

Cross your fingers, and maybe he’ll say, ‘you’re fired!’

Source: The Sun

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