Sarah Huckabee Had Enough With CNN’s Jim Acosta, Takes The Gloves Off, And Lets Him Have It

The problem isn’t just Fake News.

It’s Arrogant Fake News.

It’s the kind of reporters that have lied for so long, they can’t even tell when they’re lying anymore.

CNN is full of them and they’re all completely fixated on Donald Trump.

Mind you, Trump’s administration has a big pile of real problems to deal with, from a war-hungry North Korea to a jobs and taxes bill that needs to be finished. Fending off questions from arrogant liars isn’t something that should be on his plate.

It shouldn’t be on his press secretary’s plate, quite frankly. But Sarah Sanders is more than capable of handling it. Even though she shouldn’t have to.

And judging by her recent press conference, she’s totally ready to slug it out with Fake News Reporters. The gloves are off.

The Daily Caller reports:

The media world is reeling from a series of high profile retractions and corrections from some of the biggest names in broadcast and print. Stories have resulted in corrections, retractions or deletions.

Sanders met with several CNN reporters to discuss the retractions. Or at least that’s what she thought she was there for.

But, of course, it’s CNN…so we know Sanders was there just to give reporters an opportunity to bash Trump.

Luckily for us, Sanders is very, very good at her job. She stayed on message – and made sure CNN did, too.

CNN’s Jim Acosta piped up, complaining that “journalists make honest mistakes and this does not make them fake news.”

Sanders began to respond to Acosta, saying, “Journalists make honest mistakes, they should own up to them…” but the press secretary was interrupted mid-sentence by Acosta. 

Sanders then let the room know who was at the podium, saying loudly, “I am sorry — I am not finished.”

Interrupting someone while talking is a childish move. My two-year-old knows not to do that, and he’s not even potty trained.

Act like a child, get spoken to like a child.

“I am sorry — I am not finished.

There’s a very big difference between making honest mistakes and purposely misleading the American people.”


The problem isn’t that journalists make mistakes. The problem is that they’ve forgotten that their job is to simply report the facts, and not tell you how you’re supposed to feel about the facts.

Sarah knows how to do their jobs better than they do.

Can we give Sarah a big THANK YOU!?

Source: Daily Caller

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