President’s STUNNING Move To Help Family In Need CRUSHES Liberal LIES…’The Trump Administration Is…

If all you listened to was mainstream media, you’d probably think that President Donald Trump is a cruel man who hates Muslims, and wants to keep them out of this country.

It’s a message we’ve all heard time, and time again, despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary.

Fact is, Trump is a man who cares about those in need. He just wants to make sure they enter the country safely, and that only those in real need enter the country.

So it’s no surprise that he’s willing to speed up the process for people who are safe, honest, and in real danger.

Oh, and they’re Syrian, and refugees, for any members of the mainstream media who want to push more lies.

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Townhall reports:

The Trump administration is expediting a Syrian man’s applications to bring his wife and daughter to Wisconsin.

The Syrian man, who was granted asylum last year and is living in Wisconsin, sued over President Donald Trump’s travel ban in February.

A top immigration official filed a declaration on Friday ordering U.S. officials in Jordan, where the wife and daughter would travel for visa interviews, to process their applications by March 28.

The filing didn’t explain why the applications were being fast-tracked, but an earlier filing noted that U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin requested it.

Now, there’s a few things here that need observation. First, Tammy Baldwin – if you don’t know the name, you should.

She’s a Democratic Senator who has spent the past year in a scandal involving the Wisconsin VA.

It got so bad that she paid a top Clinton lawyer nearly a hundred grand to make the case go away. It didn’t.

So, basically, you have a corrupt Democrat (but no need to be redundant) working really hard to get a Syrian refugee in the United States.

Everything about this sounds bad, bad, bad. Except this – Trump is helping. His administration is green-lighting this.

And you, like me, might be asking, ‘why?’

And the answer is simple: this case, with this man, is a clear-cut case of need. The man’s been properly vetted.

His family’s been vetted. And he poses no danger to the country, or to Americans.

In short, a man who needs our help is being helped, because we’re certain he’s safe.

And Trump is willing to work with Democrats – even the really, really corrupt ones – to make sure he’s safe.

Which is exactly what Trump promised all along.

Source: Townhall

(ISIS must be destroyed.)

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