WHAT?! Facebook’s TERRIFYING Move To Uphold SHARIA Law EXPOSED — Americans Are STUNNED!

It seems that on a daily basis Western values of freedom and democracy clash with the backwards thinking of the Middle East and Asia.

This is especially true online, where the regulating of people’s thoughts and speech is even harder. 

With the rise of social media, citizens of all countries have found a new way to express their voice, free from the tyranny of their leaders.

People who live in commonly repressed nations, especially Muslim nations that do not protect speech, are able to communicate online in unprecedented ways.

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That has created a significant problem for their governments, who have yet to come into the 21 century (few nations around the world protect free speech like America and none other has law akin to the Bill of Rights).

We’ve seen in recent years how nations like Saudi Arabia and Iran cracked down on social media usage by their people.

They can’t have their citizens speaking freely, that would jeopardize their strangle hold on the society!

What’s even more shocking is how companies like Google and Twitter are often complicit by these regimes in efforts to censor free speech, even going as far as punishing users who defy their nation’s evil restraints.

Now we have word that the biggest social network is going even farther with censorship; it might even lead to users’ deaths.

From Louder With Crowder:

Pakistan says it has asked Facebook to help investigate “blasphemous content” posted on the Social Network by Pakistanis. Blasphem

y laws allow the death penalty in some cases.

“Facebook and other service providers should share all information about the people behind this blasphemous content with us,” [Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar said].

Facebook has agreed to send a team to Pakistan to address reservations about content on the social media site, according to the interior ministry…

The government is requesting Facebook’s aid in imposing Sharia law.

If Pakistan gets its way, Pakistani citizens can be jailed or even put to death simply for pulling a Charlie Hebdo and posting a Mohammad drawing to social media.

In the meantime, Facebook has yet to make an official statement regarding their future meeting, possibly out of shame.

Obviously sites like Facebook were created in the West, where free speech is almost a second thought.

Social media has thrived in the U.S. and other free countries because their people are acting on their fundamental rights to free speech in posting content online.

Yet the popularity of these sites has reached nations that aren’t too comfortable with such freedom.

They hide behind “blasphemy” laws in an attempt to suppress both the free speech and religious beliefs of their people.

But why should a supposed freedom-loving site like Facebook comply? Agree to censor or report “blasphemy” goes against everything they stand for.

Perhaps they fear Pakistan will try to block Facebook entirely from their country — a move that hasn’t worked in the past.

The bottom line is that Facebook would rather have the support of corrupt nations and the cash they bring in, than protect the freedom of its own users.

Source: Louder with Crowder

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