Democrats Are Pissed About Stunning New Law Against Protestors In Road — If You’re Driving Just Don’t…

Thanks to the irresponsible leadership of President Barack Obama, new hate groups have sprung up across America.

Black Lives Matter and other “social justice warriors” , like Nancy Pelosi, are indeed waging a war on decent Americans and our fundamental ways of life.

Claiming that our society is institutionally racist (despite decades of progress) they justify non-peaceful protests, riots, and violence against white people and police.

Their toxic influence has spread across America, empowering angry, misguided people to harm or otherwise jeopardize the safety of their neighbors.

Perhaps the most egregious acts (outside of assassinating police) have been the blocking of traffic by radical, reckless activists.

In many states, Black Lives Matter protestors formed human chains across major roads, to do nothing more than upset and inconvenience regular people as they tried to travel.

In many cases, lives were at risk because of the irresponsible behavior of these “peaceful” protestors.

But it looks like things are about to change, at least in Tennessee.

From CSC Media:

Tennessee just made it legal to injure protesters who are blocking roadways and other rights of way.

The bill, introduced Wednesday and which easily passed the senate Friday, renders someone who runs over a protester who is blocking the street free from civil liability, so long as the driver was exercising ‘due care.’

The bill was likely in response to The Memphis Black Lives Matter rally last July, which shut down the I-40 bridge with hundreds of protesters refusing to leave.

Traffic could not go across, including the parents of a very sick baby.

Because of the shocking disregard BLM showed for a sick child, rescue workers were delayed significantly to get him medical help. Protests in other states prevented ambulances from bringing dying patients to hospitals.

How can Black Lives Matter — or any political group for that matter — justify this kind of behavior? Child, elderly, and the sick have been put in greater risk because of their selfish and misguided acts of aggression.

Surely BLM are not winning over any fans.

Black and white Americans have been on the receiving end of their reckless and violent hate. How many people — regardless of race — were endangered or otherwise inconvenienced because of the stupidity of this protest?

No one wants to harm a protestor, but when lives are in the balance, this law will protect Americans. Other states might be joining Tennessee, including Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa, and North Dakota.

Source: CSC Media

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