Democrats Bragged About Hiring Three Muslim Brothers…Until This Happened — Wow

The Democrats are good at hiring criminals. You have to stick with your own.

Still, when one of those criminals ends up robbing, beating, or blackmailing you right after you hired them, well…come now. Is anyone really going to feel sorry for you?

It’s not like you weren’t warned.

It just happened to the Democrats. And it’s hilarious. Aside from the more serious questions of national security, that is.

Because the criminal act in question here is a computer hacking. And the three hackers are all brothers, and Muslim. And one with a criminal background.

And yet, they still worked in the House of Representatives. Democrats are idiots.

Trump SuperPAC broke the story on Monday with a simple tweet, and a very good question: are these the DNC hackers?

It’s not like the ‘it was Russia!’ story ever worked. Too many conservatives knew how to read real news, and not the fake piles of crap coming from CNN.

Besides, the head of Wikileaks himself came forward and said it wasn’t Russia. If you still believe it was Russia, it’s safe to say that facts just don’t affect your opinion at all.

But these guys could easily have pulled it off. YesI’mRight reports: “the Muslim brothers, one of whom had a criminal background, were all in their 20s and making $160,000 a year prior to their termination of employ from the House of Representatives.

The three have been fired, but not yet arrested. There is currently an investigation to see if they have ties to terrorist groups, and/or if they are responsible for recent hacks.”

Before any liberals reading this start crying about how it’s racist to mention that the hackers were Muslim, well…you might want to look at what exactly was hacked, and what information was stolen.

“The networks that they accessed included files on foreign intelligence, foreign affairs and computers of congresspeople in the intelligence community.”

Yup. Foreign intel. You know, just the kind of things that young kids hack for fun. Maybe it was a dare.

Now, whether or not these three were the DNC hackers will come to light under investigation. But we really have to ask ourselves some common-sense questions here:

1) Why are criminals, with criminal backgrounds, being hired to work in DC? Especially with sensitive material?

2) If our vetting process is totally safe, why do we have Muslims trying to access state secrets in the middle of Congress?

Waiting on an answer, libtards.

Source: YesImRight

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