HILARIOUS! Liberal Thug BASHES Cops To Their Face Then RUNS To Them For HELP — Look What They Do!

The new face of idiot liberal doublethink is a scrawny Che Guevara fan with a tiny dog.

A man who screams at cops when he’s drunk, says all sorts of horrible things to them, and then demands their protection when someone decides to stand up to him.

Whiny weaklings who can’t protect themselves and demand that other people with actual jobs do all of the real work? Yeah, that sounds like liberalism in a nutshell.

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The unnamed and unbelievable idiot has been making the rounds on YouTube for the past few weeks. Thankfully, no one seems to like him.

The Conservative Tribune tells the story best:

An entitled punk who thought he could intimidate NYPD cops inside a New York City bodega has become a viral sensation for all the reasons he didn’t want to after he ran to cops for safety when he and his small dog were threatened.

It involves a self-proclaimed Ivy League graduate in a Che Guevara hat with a small dog (I’m not even questioning what’s wrong with this picture here) berating two NYPD officers in that most NYC of institutions, the bodega.

The hipster, it seems, didn’t like cops much.

“You motherf***ers aren’t doing s***!” he said about the cops.

When he’s finished, someone from the background started taking a vocal dislike to him. And you can guess where he then turned for help.

Guess who the Che Guevara fan cowers behind?

I suppose it’s wrong for me to think this, but part of me would be just as satisfied if little Che fanboy got the crap kicked out of him.

But I also guess that’s why I’m not a cop. If you take an oath to Serve and Protect, you live it.

Oaths, and honor, though, apparently mean nothing to our fanboy.

…while the police are willing to protect him, he’s not willing to protect them when the problem is over. Hypocrisy at his finest. He’ll be a borough president in no time.

It’s nothing new to see anti-police hypocrisy, but it is something new to see it represented in such a stark way.

Congratulations, entitled jerk in the Cuba/Che Guevara hat. You’re the new face of idiotic liberal privilege.

This guy might be more hated on the internet than that idiot who took a selfie next to the London terror victims.

But it’s not all bad – if you ever wanted the perfect example of why you’re a conservative, Che fanboy here is Exhibit A.

Congrats, dude – as an Ivy Leaguer, you should be proud that you’re permanently part of everyone else’s education.

Source: Conservative Tribune

(ISIS must be destroyed.)

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