Obama’s 4 Million In Fraud EXPOSED…And Hillary Knew About It?!

During the election, Donald Trump spoke quite a bit about how the democrats were trying to rig the election.

By and large the left have tried to rig countless elections in the past, thanks to dishonest and biased reporting on the part of their liberal allies in the media.

Hillary Clinton had the help of big celebrities, powerful donors, a complicit news industry, and over $2 billion. All which gave her an unfair advantage going into the polls.

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Yet there are even worse ways the democrats have tipped the scales in their favor. Throughout the election and afterwards, we’ve heard about cases of voter fraud.

In some parts of the country, there are reports that many illegal immigrants were able to register and cast a vote — something only true citizens should be able to do.

Now there is word of other ways the democrats are manipulating the very foundation of our society and undermining the integrity of our elections.

From Right Wing News:

Many of us suspected he did it, but now there’s confirmation…

According to elections expert J. Christian Adams, there are 4 million dead people on US voter rolls. Far left groups continually sue to keep them there… because those votes are theirs.

The Obama administration had no desire to clean up these voter rolls and the DNC is currently trying to stop every new attempt to do so…

National Review just exposed the Democrat Party’s active prejudices against voter integrity.

Citing that the governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe (fmr head of Democrat National Committee) overlooks illegal activity and vetoes laws to prevent it.

Recently he vetoed six bills aimed at preventing voter fraud and illegal voting.

Voter fraud is a REAL problem across the nation.

Less than 2 yrs ago the Heritage Foundation started a voter fraud database that is already up to 474 cases and 755 criminal convictions — and this is just the tip of the iceberg, since many cases go unreported and unprosecuted.

News of at least 1 million to 4 million dead voters have been floating around for some time. Their names are still on the roster in many counties around the country and allow people to pose as the dead person to vote multiple times.

Because many states do not have voter ID laws, they are allowed to pass as someone else with virtually zero accountability.

It’s shocking if you think about it. In America, you cannot buy alcohol, rent a car, open a bank account, or do a variety of things without a valid ID.

But our most sacred institution, elections, do not have this very basic amount of protection.

Until reasonable reforms are passed, we can expect this situation to be exploited by the left every election.

Thankfully enough real citizens came out on November 8, 2016, to prevent them from stealing the White House again.

But what about next time?

Source: Right Wing News

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