SICK: Women CAUGHT With Man Who’s Not Her Husband…Sharia Law Demands TERRIFYING Punishment!

Frequently we witness the disservice our mainstream media does to the American public.

On a regular basis things go on around the world we should know about — things that would dramatically change the minds of many in the public.

Yet the liberal media chooses to hide these events, hoping to keep you and the rest of the country in the dark.

This is especially true of the shocking conditions of many people around the world. We know our media regularly ignores the crisis created as a result of the migration programs in Europe.

Millions of Middle Eastern refugees have flooded European nations, creating significant cultural clashes with citizens. Countless instances of rape and violence have occurred, yet our media looks the other way.

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This is also true in the way they report the terrible conditions in Muslim-majority nations throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

While the left continues to view Muslims as a new group of victims — that need their protection and advocacy, they ignore the reality that in countries with Muslim-controlled governments, the people are treated deplorably.

Strict laws infringe on citizens’ basic human rights. The people are inflicted with barbaric and medieval punishments for refusing to abide by Sharia standards.

Actions that are deemed harmless in the West could result in physical punishment in these countries.

And our media ignores this, insisting that letting millions of these people into Western countries — refusing to assimilate — is a good idea.

From Daily Mail:

Members of the sharia police women known as Wilayatul Hisbah pose for a photograph in Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Pictured sitting in a row with big smiles, these are the Indonesian policewomen charged with deciding how many lashes women should be given as punishment.

Public canings regularly take place in Banda Aceh, in the country’s Aceh province, for offences ranging from adultery to homosexuality to selling alcohol.

It is one of the few places in Indonesia where a strict version of Sharia law is enforced…

The vast majority of the country’s 255 million people – 90 per cent of whom describe themselves as Muslim – do not follow the strict rules.

A group called Wilayatul Hisbah, an Islamic police force, is responsible for catching offenders.

An acehnese woman gets a caning in public from an executor known as 'algojo' for spending time with a man who is not her husband

Images taken today show an acehnese woman being caned by an executor known as an ‘algojo’ because she had spent time with a man who is not her husband.

This group of all-women police patrol their neighborhoods, looking for violations of their strict rules. Young couples are punished for sitting too close to each other in parks.

Women who wear skinny jeans are in danger of retribution. Worse, women are violently beaten because they simply spent time with a man they are not married to.

What are generally considered morality standards in the West — things decided by an individual — are strictly enforced in these Muslim communities.

Failure to comply results in unthinkable punishments by their government. It only gets worse when dealing with matters in court or people who follow another religion.

Members of the sharia police women known as Wilayatul Hisbah stop teenage girls who are wearing tights, which is against the prevailing sharia lawThe shocking reality is that this has only gotten worse in recent years. Much like Iran, Indonesia enjoyed greater freedom in the past. Yet recent events have inflicted this new and backwards governing.

This treatment of women and non-Muslims is nothing new throughout the world. Muslim-majority countries do not embrace civil rights or equality.

People who do not follow their strictest demands are faced with severe punishment.

While feminists and radical activists in American protest about President Trump, real abuses and violations of human rights are going on around the world.

My question to the left is: where is your outrage?

Source: Daily Mail

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