Look Who Is Returning To Washington D.C. Next Week, For Full-Time Duty

There’s two types of people who never retire – brilliant workaholics, and men in solid denial about their usefulness. This man might be both.

Mind you, DC is full of people who never retire. And it’s not like voting on legislation takes a whole lot of young blood. But there does come a point at which stubbornness overtakes judgment, and when it’s time to realize you need to step down.

Staying on after that point means one of two things – you’re fiercely dedicated to your country, or you just can’t let go of power.

But if you stay on after your first round of chemotherapy? Well, it could be patriotism, or love of power…or maybe you’re just plain nuts. Because there’s not a lot left of your senses after chemotherapy.

John McCain is back, ladies and gentlemen.

The Independent Journal Review reports:

Sen. John McCain is reportedly set to return to Washington next week after undergoing an initial round of treatment for an aggressive form of brain cancer.

McCain, who also serves as the Senate Armed Services Committee chairman, is expected to lead the chamber’s debate on the National Defense Authorization Act.

For the record, I completely admire John McCain. I’m pissed off about his voting record, and the way he ignores what his constituents want. And what the American people want.

But I still admire him. Anyone who can get tortured in Vietnam, and then return as a goodwill ambassador for the country, deserves my respect.

And anyone who can get brain cancer, and then return to work after chemotherapy, obviously has cajones of brass.

But, if I may…on behalf of the American people, please…please stop.

I mean, consider it – McCain, while sick in the head, is leading the debate on our National Defense?

I’m not the only one worried. A quick scan of the comments at Independent Journal Review reveals a long list of worried Americans. Some of them are more than worried – they’re calling his patriotism into question.

“While one can sympathize with McCain (and all others in such a situation), I’ve said before and will repeat, McCain has outlived his usefulness in the Senate. His primary concern these days seems to be shocking people… He long ago used up respect for his past. Resign, senator…it’s long overdue.”

A shame, that such a great start leads to this end.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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