It’s Official! You Won’t Believe Who Is Being Forced To Leave Washington

With all the drama and rumors being spread by the left, it’s hard to know what’s really true.

Worse still, their lies can affect our leaders’ ability to make the right decisions for our country.

But it looks like at least one leader has fallen, thanks to fake news.

From USA Today:

Sergey Kislyak, Russia’s ambassador to the United States and a key player in his nation’s interference in the 2016 elections here, is being recalled by his government, according to a report released Sunday.

Citing three unnamed sources, BuzzFeed News reported that Kislyak is scheduled to leave Washington next month, following a July 11 going-away party for him at the St. Regis Hotel, just two blocks away from the White House.

Kislyak, 66, had been reported to be heading to New York to lead Russia’s delegation at the United Nations. His return to Russia will mark the end of his 10-year tenure as Russia’s leading diplomat to the United States and makes him another casualty of the growing controversy over the Russian activity.

Considering this information came from “unnamed sources,” provided by such fake news sites as Buzzfeed, we might have to question its validity. Liberal news outlets have been working overtime to invent this Russian conspiracy story, based on nothing but rumors.

They have been crafting a pathetic campaign to discolor the President, with zero evidence to back it up.

They have refused to accept the results of the election and are using Russia as a scapegoat.

But that only complicates the real problems we have with Russia. More and more we seem them acting aggressively in the Middle East. It’s clear they have plans in Syria that extend beyond defeating ISIS.

Yet our ability to properly confront Russia—and make sure they don’t take over Syria—are hindered by the fake news. Buzzfeed, CNN, the New York Times, and all the rest continue to spread the lies that Russia undermined our election. That makes it difficult for our leaders to work with the country on real issues.

So, what will be the outcome? If we continue to listen to and support such dubious outlets as Buzzfeed, we are encouraging the lies. We will help the very worst of our society manipulate the issues. Perhaps our relationship with Russia will become so strained, that we won’t be able to stop them from a full-scale invasion of Syria.

That will lead to many unnecessary deaths.

But at least the liberals will be happy.

Source: USA Today

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