Bombshell: Trump’s Stunning Plan To Rid America Of Obama…Democrats Are Fuming!

If there was one motto for Trump’s presidency – besides, of course, Make America Great Again – it would be this: ‘anything you can do, I can do better.’

So, in that spirit, let’s send a message…Barack Obama: anything you can do, Trump can do better.

If you’re wondering, that means, literally, ‘everything’: all your executive orders, all your unconstitutional laws, and all your illegal power-grabs. Everything.

My god, it’s going to be a sweet First 100 Days, is it not? Rejoice, Americans!

If you’re not up to speed here, let’s lay out the good news: president-elect Trump has promised, in no uncertain terms, to spend his first one hundred days in office undoing all the damage done by Barack Obama in his eight terrible and destructive years as president. Given Obama’s long list of destructive acts and illegal legislation, that’s a tall order. But Trump delivers – his team is ready, and they have all the lists and procedures necessary to pull it off.

ABC News reports: “Sean Spicer, Trump’s future White House press secretary, said that the president-elect planned to ‘repeal a lot’ of Obama executive actions on day one in office,

Spicer also said Trump would also be hard at work from day one to change the culture of Washington.

‘On day one, he’s going to sign a series of executive orders to do two things. One is repeal a lot of the regulations and actions that have been taken by this administration over the last eight years that have hampered both economic growth and job creation. And then secondly, do the same on a forward-thinking thing. He’s going to start implementing things. He’s going to bring a new brand to Washington. He’s going to institute a lobbying ban, five years. It’s very forward thinking.’”

Ending lobbying, promoting economic growth, creating jobs? This is my kind of president!

It’s a wonder that the Mainstream Media can’t figure out why true Americans support Donald Trump, given all he plans to do, and all that he publicly states he is going to do. But if they need an introductory course, I’ll start – we support Donald Trump because he understands and respects that we work hard for our money, and he gets that we don’t want to see it wasted away in money spent on lobbyists and globalists. He gets that we respect the laws of our country, and we don’t want to see them stripped in a long series of executive orders and illegal actions.

Cheers to Trump, and his first 100 days.

Source: RightWingNews

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