State Passes SHOCKING New Law About Public School Students — Schools Can No Longer…

I guess Michelle Obama’s stranglehold on school lunches is finally over.

If you don’t know the story, I’ll give the gist – Michelle Obama pushed legislation that made school lunches more expensive and more disgusting across the nation.

The whole point was to make the lunches healthier, but Michelle, and legislators, learned an important lesson – it’s not healthier if kids don’t eat it.

Besides, some of the items were just, simply put, gross.

The costs from that program are still around, and still being paid off.And it’s caused schools to push parents and students hard for overdue lunch money.

The more kids don’t pay, the harder it is to pay off the debt.

And it’s led, in some cases, to public shaming. So much, in fact, that New Mexico finally had to put a legal stop to it.

The Daily Mail reports:

New Mexico has passed a law said to be the first of its kind, banning ‘lunch shaming.’

Governor Susana Martinez signed the ‘Hunger Free Students Bill of Rights’ on Thursday, forbidding school districts from singling out the children of delinquent parents in order to shame them into paying overdue school lunch fees.

Lunch shaming has gained notice elsewhere recently, with a child in Arizona reportedly being stamped on the wrist with the words ‘Lunch Money’ in order to convince parents to pay up, and others elsewhere made to work off their parents’ debt with chores around school.

Other schools use the ‘cheese sandwich’ method, giving kids with an unpaid tab a cold slice of cheese on bread instead of a hot square meal.

On the one hand, I’m all for shaming a parent who won’t shell out a few bucks for lunch money. It’s your kids, people. Come on. Be an adult, and feed them.

On the other hand, we’re not shaming parents here. We’re shaming their kids.

And anyone who has kids knows that it’s hard enough to get them to talk about a tough day at school under normal circumstances.

It’s much harder when you, the parent, are the reason for the tough day.

So it’s not like shaming kids is going to get the parents to pay. The parents probably don’t even know.

We’d probably have better luck shaming Michelle.

Source: Daily Mail

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