Breaking: North Korea Drops Missile Threat On America…Trump Blasts Them Right Back!

It has been a long couple of months since we found out that Donald Trump was going to be the next president. And since then, it seems like everywhere we turn something or someone is attempting to harm America. Like Obama trying to set Trump up for failure, which happens every day, so we kind of have come to expect it. Or a foreign enemy threatening us, like on New Year’s Day, which we didn’t expect.

It’s not the first time America has been threatened, but with President Obama still in office, it makes many of us wish that January 20 would come quickly. We all know what Obama’s response to this will be, and it’s not one that will make Americans any safer. The chilling message came in form of a televised speech from North Korea.

According to The Huffington Post, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un said in his annual New Year’s address that the nation’s plans for launching a missile are almost complete. “Research and development of the cutting-edge tech weapons are actively progressing and strengthening our defense capabilities, including last stage preparation of tests for intercontinental ballistic rocket launch have been continuously succeeding,” Kim said, according to a CNN translation of the televised speech.

The type of missiles that Kim is talking about are powerful enough to reach the United States, and they can be equipped with nuclear weapons as soon as North Korea gets the capability to do so. Which, judging by Kim’s statements, he thinks could be very soon. After Kim finished his speech, The Donald had something to say. A personal message for Kim, if you will.

As soon as Trump posted this tweet, democrats started falling all over themselves to be first in line to put Trump on blast. And for what? All for standing up for America? Isn’t that what a president (soon-to-be) is supposed to do? Stand up for the country they serve?  And, it’s about time someone did! Our current president could care less.

Trump didn’t stop with North Korea though. No, he went on to call out China. Let’s just get it all out in the open now! Why not?

The Huffington Post continues, Forty-two minutes after his initial tweet Monday, Trump sent out a follow-up, this time insulting China and linking North Korea’s weapons program to what Trump perceives as unfair trade practices that benefit China at the expense of the United States.

The Huffington Post got one thing right, Trump did insult China and rightly so. They have taken advantage of America far too long. And Obama has gladly let them. As the president-elect, Trump has every reason to be concerned for the safety and the welfare of America.

Liberals won’t be happy unless Trump starts to do what Obama does, which is to bow down to our enemies, continually apologizing for America being the world power that it is. Well, thankfully, that is not going to happen with The Donald.

Source: Huffington Post

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