Shocker: New Poll Drops Bombshell On Liberals…America Has Spoken!

As much as elitist liberals like to brag about having advanced degrees or useless awards from clueless governments, they don’t have any common sense.

Here’s a quick test: if surveyed, would you answer ‘yes’ to the question, “Hi! Would you like to save a ton of cash on your healthcare bills, have the right to choose your own doctor, and the right to choose your own care? Do you dislike overcrowded hospitals? Also, did I mention this will save you a ton of money?”

Is anyone not raising their hand? Anyone?

If you’re conservative, that one should be a no-brainer. But if you’re surprised that people answered ‘yes,’ then you’re probably a liberal. And you should get your head examined.

A new poll has asked this very question with regard to Obamacare, and Trump’s brave and fiscally sound promise to repeal the bill as soon as possible. The Left, it seems, still can’t fathom the idea that America does not, did not, and will not ever want this bill. And, in case there’s any doubt about that left, the new poll destroys it under the crushing weight of simple math and statistics.

From the Hill: “A majority of the public wants to see ObamaCare repealed in full or for the healthcare law to undergo a dramatic overhaul…

The new poll…found that 54 percent of likely voters say they would like to see the president’s signature legislative achievement undergo full repeal or major changes.

Support for repeal spikes to 70 percent when voters are told that there would be a transition period that allows consumers to keep their current coverage while a new law is implemented.

That scenario is even supported by a plurality of Democrats in the poll, of 48 percent to 43 percent.”

A few things are worth pointing out here – one, having a ‘transition period’ that allows for continual and uninterrupted coverage was the plan all along, so the survey’s results are actually even stronger in favor of Trump than they first appear. And two, even Democrats support this.

Barack Obama, even your own party thinks you failed. Ouch.

For anyone keeping tabs on the law since its beginning, this is no surprise. Longer lines, less coverage, more disease, crowded hospitals, and far greater costs aren’t going to win anyone over. If this sounds obvious to you, you’re probably a conservative, and probably the kind of person who actually has to think about things like time management, money management, and budgeting.

If it’s not obvious to you, you’re probably liberal. But you need to wake up and see how you’re destroying the rest of us.


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