Ka-Pow! He Just Dropped A Bombshell On Sanctuary Cities…Liberals Are In Meltdown!

In a few weeks, it will no longer be possible for cities to hide the drug dealers, felons, gang members, and social welfare leeches that abuse our immigration system and defy our laws.

If you’ll forgive my French, it’s about damn time.

It’s no secret that illegal immigration has been a pet project of Obama since 2008 – it keeps out legal and law-abiding immigrants, gets more Democratic votes, and generally keeps things in a state of chaos, which is always better for liberal policy and power-grabs. And last Thursday, Trump and his team finally signaled the end of it all.

America, meet Pennsylvania Republican Lou Barletta – businessman, proud descendant of Italian (legal) immigrants, and the sponsor of H.R. 83, a bill more widely known as the Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Act. Or, as I like to call it, the “it’s about damn time” act.

Barletta doesn’t mince words: “One of the principal duties of the government is to protect its citizens, and the idea of sanctuary cities runs completely counter to that responsibility. Too many mayors and local governments think that they are above federal law and place their own ideology ahead of the safety of their residents.  This bill will stop that practice by saying to these sanctuary cities, ‘If you refuse to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement, you will lose your federal funding.’”

The bill is simple, really – if you don’t do the job we pay you to do, we won’t pay you. Common sense. And yet Democrats really don’t seem to get it.

Barletta first drafted the bill several years ago, when a father of three, one Derek Kichline, was murdered by an illegal. The murderer found safe harbor in New York. Sanctuary cities were helping kill American citizens, and Barletta decided to fix the problem. He tried once, and again after the widely-publicized death of Kate Steinle, but Obama simply didn’t care.

Now, with Trump, he’s ready for another round. “With the Trump Administration taking office later this month, and with enforcing immigration law becoming a priority, I am hopeful we will meet with success this time around.  It’s time we stopped seeing headlines about the victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants.”

It’s not surprising that a Democrat president and administration would want to harbor criminals – this is, after all, the same party that decided to nominate one of the most corrupt politicians of our time. You have to protect your own, after all.

Thank God for Trump, and for Lou Barletta. They have America’s back, and we should have theirs.

Source: Joe for America

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