Muslim Students STUN Nation With SHOCKING Actions…THEN Principal Does THIS—WOW!

With the shocking number of Middle Eastern migrants flooding European nations, natives of those countries are witnessing the destruction of their values and ways of life.

The Muslim-majority of refugees have relocated to major cities and infiltrated much of the daily lives of Europeans.

They attend school, use the same public services, and are compelled to interact with millions of non-Muslims.

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The conflict comes from the reality that these migrants once lived in Muslim-majority nations and were not required to adapt to life with many Christians, Jews, and non-Muslims.

Yet, even though they are guests in these nations, they refuse to assimilate to their new surroundings.

Unlike in every other case of immigration, they have rejected the customs, culture, and ideas of the nations they now live in, and demand that these countries adapt for them.

Regardless of your personal beliefs or culture, assimilation is required for immigration on any scale to work. Guest and travelers to a new nation must learn the ways of that nation and adapt; embracing their new home is part of the process.

Yet the millions of foreign migrants that have overwhelmed countries like Germany, France, and Sweden refuse to do this and are forcing their often backwards customs on their hosts.

A written order from headmistress Christiane Genschel and assistant headmaster Rainer Kokenbrinker has been given to all teachers at the school stating that 'clearly visible praying' is no longer to be tolerated. Pictured, the Johannes Rau Gymnasium

But it looks like in some parts of Europe, that’s not acceptable.

From Mad World News:

German newspaper Der Westen reports that after Muslim students began loudly praying in large groups and washing their feet and other extremities on the property during class hours, the principal took swift, politically incorrect action.

Headmistress Christiane Genschel sent out a letter to every student at Johannes Rau Gymnasium, announcing that “provocative” and “visible” prayer and “ablution,” the ritual Muslim washing, is immediately banned on school grounds…

“In recent weeks it has been seen that Muslim schoolchildren are visibly praying, signaled by ritual ablutions in the toilets, the rolling out of prayer rugs and the taking of appropriate body postures. This is not permitted,” the letter states…

The ban came about after students reported feeling “uncomfortable” at the daily rituals, as classmates of all other religions have peacefully kept their beliefs to themselves.

Incredibly, the typically left-leaning government has taken sides with the school, agreeing that religious practices should be left at home.

Even in the United States, where religious liberties are strongly protected, this kind of behavior in a public school would be unacceptable (especially the toilet thing).

The Johannes Rau Gymnasium in Wuppertal, Germany, has slapped a ban on the 'provocative' prayer sessions of Muslim pupils on its premises. 

Students have the right to practice their religion, even on campus, but not in a manner that would disrupt class or violate the rights of other students.

Yet in European countries, many Muslim migrants feel at ease to enforce their often radical religious practices right on campus, afflicting and violating the beliefs of others.

For a long time the liberal governments refused to take action for fear of seeming intolerant. But once and while, common sense wins the day.

The school’s decision is reminiscent of a Swiss school’s decision to force Muslim students to participate in the state required swimming lessons.

The female Muslim students involved in the lawsuit demanded to be exempt from the class unless there was Sharia-compliant gender segregation.

Unfortunately for them, the federal court not only ruled in favor of the school but informed the students that because they refused to integrate, their citizenship applications were being denied.

While a person’s right to practice their religion freely should not be infringed, a government has the right to set certain standards for their citizens and the people who live there.

They cannot be expected to violate years of progress and advancement for a group whose beliefs are incompatible or even subversive.

Hopefully the rest of Europe will follow suit.

Source: Mad World News

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