Government Study Reveals That Almost 79 Percent Of ‘Child’ Refugees Are In Fact…

The Left will stop at nothing to advance their preferred narrative on immigration.

The tactics range all the way from tugging at the heartstrings to badgering folks that have simple questions into silence.

It’s incredibly off putting and divisive, but that doesn’t matter at all to those that reside in the liberal echo chamber.

They want what they want, and nary a thought is given to the consequences.

We could fill up a book with the problems that we all have to deal with as a result, but we’re still holding out hope that common sense will ultimately rule the day.  

The more nonsense that’s exposed on matters of immigration, the better the chances of that happening.

The Daily Caller shares a story that can only help in that regard.

Age assessment tests on asylum seekers in Sweden show that thousands of migrants are older than they claimed.

The national forensic medicine agency started testing migrants in March after authorities expressed doubts over several applicants.

Immigration agencies have since made 5,700 decisions based on the tests and relabeled 79 percent of those applicants as adults rather than children, newspaper Svenska Dagbladet reports.

A total of 7,858 age tests have been carried out through late-October. Examinations suggest 6,628 people were adults while 112 were “possibly” older than 18. Some 430 people who claimed to be adults may have been under 18 years of age at the time of their asylum application.

We are dealing with an ungodly amount of problems on our shores as a result of unchecked migration, but it’s nothing compared to what’s going on in Europe these days.

As the Left continues to set its collective hair on fire in regards to issues such as DACA and chain-migration, it’s imperative to draw strength from the rampant problems that folks across the Atlantic Ocean are dealing with.

Image result for adults posing as child refugees

“In these cases, we judged that the asylum seekers were in fact underage, contrary to the information they provided,” Daniel Salehi from the Swedish Migration Agency told Svenska Dagbladet.

British authorities reported similar results after testing 574 migrants in the year to Sept. 2015. Almost 65 percent of the child refugees were exposed as adults, according to the British Home Office.

Pointing this story out to someone on the Left would undoubtedly lead to name calling, insults, and a whole lot of yelling.

In short, they would do their best to badger you into silence.

It’s high time to show the Left that the jig is up for one of their favorite tactics, and sharing simple facts that help to expose the absurdity of their policies is the most effective way to help make that happen.

Source: Daily Caller

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