What This Muslim Company Just Took Over In America Will Keep You Up At Night

Despite the left’s claims of Islamophobia, Muslims in American are doing quite well.

In fact, they seem to be at an advantage in almost every area. They are protected by liberals as a special class of victims. Plus, they are backed by global businesses to spread their influence across the country.

Meanwhile our leaders do nothing as Muslim groups take over communities and property. Most recently, a shadowy Islamic group bought something—and nobody knows what they will use it for.

BERKELEY, CA - AUGUST 30: Leenah Safi (L) looks on during a lecture at Zaytuna College August 30, 2010 in Berkeley, California. Zaytuna College opened its doors on August 24th and hopes to become the first accredited four-year Islamic college in the United States. The school was founded by three Muslim-American scolars and offers degrees in Islamic law, theology and Arabic languages. Fifteen students are enrolled in the inaugural class and the school hopes to increase that number to 2,200 within ten years. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

From Daily Caller:

An Islamic educational consulting firm won the bid for a former Youth Development Center in Pennsylvania, though state officials say they have no idea what they plan to do with it.

Hira Educational Services, an Islamic company based in New Jersey, placed a winning bid of $400,000 for the former YDC property in Shenango Township, Pa.

Asif Kunwar, founder of Hira Educational Services, placed the minimum bid of $300,000. Hira then placed the winning bid after Sumner McDanel placed a bid of $305,000.

Lawrence County Commissioners reportedly had no information about the identity of the bidders or any idea of Hira’s intent for the property…

Though the Ellwood City Ledger attempted to find out Hira’s future plans for the property, their inquiry turned up fruitless.

Hira’s stated mission is “[t]o provide the most professional and best consultancy services to Islamic schools throughout North America so that they could secure funds to dispense important services.”

According to Hira’s website, the company has provided counseling to over 200 Islamic schools across the nation who do not receive government funding.

So, the state of Pennsylvania will just let this organization buy the building, without even knowing what they’ll be doing with it?

Considering the shocking rise in radical Islamic terrors in recent weeks, why would our government be so accommodating to unknown Muslim groups?

Time and again we discover that Muslim organizations have ties or sympathies to radical cells in the Middle East. The Center for American-Islamic Relations is partners with the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization in Egypt.

We don’t know for sure what “Hira Educational Services” plans to do with that property. Perhaps they’ll use it for office space. Or perhaps they will turn it into a training ground to indoctrinate youth against the West.

At the very least Pennsylvanian lawmakers should demand to know their plans for it. How much will you bet they won’t?

Source: Daily Caller

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