Radical Muslims Find TERRIFYING New Way To Sneak Into The U.S. — Feds Rush To Shut It Down!

We’ve known for a long time just how exposed our southern border is.

For years criminals and illegal aliens have used the U.S.-Mexican border to sneak into the United States, safe in the knowledge that under President Obama, they’d face little punishment.

Under our last president, captured illegal’s — even violent criminals — were released back into the wild. They were free to continue their efforts to smuggle weapons, drugs, and people into our country.

It’s become such a lucrative business for the drug cartels, that they’ve built hundreds of tunnels to get the job done. Despite the hard work of our border patrol agents, it seemed like criminals could waltz right into the United States without a care.

Even now, as President Trump and law enforcement officials crack down on this problem, criminals continue to abuse the border to commit worse acts.

And it seems it’s grown to include more than just South Americans.

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From Daily Caller:

The president of the Border Patrol union told a House subcommittee Thursday that human smugglers could be taking advantage of an open border to bring in “people from Middle Eastern countries…”

These comments came a week after Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly spoke at length about the terror threat from the southwestern border.

We face very real threats from so-called special interest aliens that move at great expense from vast distances outside the hemisphere along the network into the U.S.

The ‘special interest’ is that they are from parts of the world where terrorism is prevalent, or nations that are hostile to the United States,” Kelly said in a speech at George Washington University.

“These individuals pay TCOs huge sums of money to transport them from, for example, the Middle East or Asia, through South and Central America and into the United States,” Kelly continued.

“We don’t get to vet them. We don’t know their intentions. We don’t know they’re here. They slip into our country unnoticed, living among us, and we are completely blind as to what they are capable of.”

With all the trouble the President’s gone to to prevent terrorists from entering through our ports and airports, they have found a very easy way to enter, thanks to Mexico.

It’s not too farfetched to picture ISIS agents — or any number of hostile terrorists — to acquire cheap transportation to Mexico or South America. Their vetting processes are weak or non-existent. Then it’s only a matter of paying off the drug cartels to use their smuggling systems to enter the U.S.

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They don’t need to pretend to be refugees; they don’t have to worry about U.S. Customs or vetting. They can exploit the already problematic southern border, which has yet to be secured with the border wall.

This must make liberals very happy, whose policies seem to only invite this kind of trouble. They were the ones that resisted President Trump’s orders on blocking terrorists from entering the U.S. They are against his efforts to deport criminal aliens and build a wall across the border.

Time and again we discover that the liberal’s agenda lines up perfectly with criminal acts and terrorist plots. Strange, isn’t it?

Source: Daily Caller

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