Boom: Liberals Try To Move Out Of The US…Foreign Country Slams Door In Their Faces!

Whiney liberals everywhere promised to move to Canada if Trump won. Trump won. Nobody’s moved yet. And we finally know the disappointing reason why – Canada, I guess, has tough immigration laws.

Seriously. It’s the first time I’ve been really disappointed in Tough Immigration Laws. Wouldn’t a weak border between here and our northern neighbor be much better? Then they could take all of our liberals.

The hysterical, sobbing, angry Left is slowly finding out that you can’t just go to any country you want, just because you want to go, and live there, just because you want to live there. As it turns out, other countries have strong borders. And Canada’s border is one of the strongest of all.

As the Daily Caller reports: “Democrats looking to move from the U.S. to Australia, Canada and other wealthy English-speaking nations are learning that those nations already have similar policies [to Trump’s Extreme Vetting].

A top law firm known for obtaining Canadian visas for U.S. citizens says there are three main ways to get in: by having in-demand job skills, by owning a business or having a high net worth, or by having relatives already there.”

I love it. This list of qualifications is almost tailor-made to eliminate Liberals. Own a business? Sorry, you’re probably conservative. In-demand job skills? Sorry, crybaby college students who demand debt repayment don’t really count.

It gets better. Canada’s refugee policy? Well, for one, you actually have to be a refugee, which means you can’t go back home to your home country. Which pretty much eliminates anyone from the states who wants to move, just because, and whine, whine, blah blah blah. Liberals need not apply. Especially the racist ones, or the terrorist ones.

And when Canada invites refugees in, they don’t ask taxpayers to foot the bill. “The nation known for its hockey and its Maple syrup then asks individual Canadians to pick up the bill, by either voluntarily funding the program or taking refugees in to their own homes. Individuals must be ‘selected as a government-assisted or privately sponsored refugee, or have the funds needed to support’ themselves and any dependents after they ‘arrive in Canada.’”

Hey, liberals! You know how you whine all the time about ‘private charity not being enough to help the poor, so let’s get the government to force people to do it’? Well, that country that you want to go to? It won’t bring in refugees unless an actual Canadian has already agreed to pay for everything.

Which means they probably won’t agree to pay for you.

Source: Daily Caller

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