After Busting 1,300 Gang Members, Ice Makes Terrifying Announcement

With all the chaos and confusion the media spews, it’s easy to forget that President Trump is making amazing progress.

In the area of immigration we are seeing impressive results. Thanks to Trump’s commitment to law and order, ICE and DHS have been cracking down on criminal aliens like never before.

Even before the promised wall is up, Trump’s people are rounding up dangerous gang members and drug runners, many of which are in America illegally.

We’ve heard about the large busts taking place around the country. Most recently, ICE has captured over 1,300 gang members.

This is an impressive number. Perhaps the largest bust to date. Yet what ICE has learned over the last few weeks only magnifies the problem.

Thanks to the weak leadership of the last administration, criminal aliens have contributed to a shocking trend.

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From Daily Caller:

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement-led operation led to the arrest of 1,378 gang members and associates, agency leaders announced Thursday…

In addition to the arrests, officials seized $491,763 in currency and 238 firearms.

Derek Benner, deputy associate director of ICE HSI, described it as the “largest gang surge to date.” Benner announced that 280 people were arrested on immigration violations and will face deportation proceedings.

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He also said that three recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) were arrested in the gang sweep.

The shocking surge of gang activity is no doubt caused by the weak immigration policies of President Obama. During his eight years in office, he turned a blind eye to the huge influx of illegals. Many of those illegals were members of gangs or joined gangs.

This contributed to increased gang activity in major cities and communities around the country.

Now that Trump has ordered a crackdown on illegal immigration, we are discovering just how bad it’s gotten.

Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan was quoted as saying these gangs are the “biggest threat facing our communities.” He’s right. Those arrested were members of some of the worst gangs in America, including the Bloods, the Crips, Sur 13, and the notorious MS 13.

These members are being charged for murder, assault, and narcotics trafficking.

Source: Daily Caller

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