GOP Reps Are About To Cut Down On 1 Stunning Thing After Shooting

After Wednesday’s gun violence on the Congressional baseball fields, even Republicans are promising to cut back on one big thing protecting Americans. And my guess is that you’ll actually agree with them.

The GOP is, and has always been, the party of gun freedoms, mind you. But this is the first time some of their own have been hurt by someone else’s firearms.

So it’s a little surprising, but understandable, that many of them want to cut back on town halls.

(You thought I meant guns, didn’t you?)

The Daily Caller reports:

GOP Rep. Lou Barletta suggested that lawmakers cut back on town hall meetings in the wake of the shooting in Alexandria, Va., at the Republican congressional baseball team’s practice.

Barletta said that he’s concerned about the rhetoric he’s heard around the country, adding that he’s discouraged by Hollywood personalities taking aim at President Donald Trump and Broadway plays depicting the president being stabbed.

He noted that rank-and-file members don’t have security details, making lawmakers easy targets.

“I think absolutely [they should cut down on town halls]. There’s no question. I’ve been at the end of some of those town halls where the police had to carry people out and I get concerned not only for your own safety, but for the safety of the people who are there, who actually come to be heard.”

He’s not wrong.

Fact is, liberal violence at these events has been on the rise, and steadily getting worse.

But the big issue isn’t just the safety of GOP Congressmen – it’s the safety of everyone else coming to the town hall. After all, while rank-and-file Congressmen don’t have security details, neither does the average American.

Which means any violence that erupts at a town hall will hurt average Americans first.

One thing is worth noting here – liberal rhetoric caused this shooting. That’s not debatable anymore. But now conservative efforts to speak to their constituents are being shut down, and by conservatives. Just because of a legitimate fear of violence.

Which means that liberals have effectively found a way to stop conservatives from meeting together. Which means, in a way, that they’re winning.

And that’s the saddest part of all.

Source: Daily Caller

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