Would You Vote For This Former NBA Star To Be Sheriff? Because He’s Running

The left’s obsession with celebrities and their usually stupid opinions is about to backfire on them.

You see, normally athletes and Hollywood elites have super-liberal opinions about everything. It’s a side effect from never living in the real world, and never understanding how the real world works.

But when one of their own suddenly backs Trump, or votes Republican, they all turn on him. Freedom of thought is not something the Left likes.

Which makes me wonder what they’re going to do when they realize former NBA basketball star Shaquille O’Neal is running for sheriff in his hometown. And he’s doing it on a platform of ‘respect for cops.’

That’s right – a rich, successful black athlete is running for sheriff, and he’s doing it for local police officers. Cue the sound of liberals suddenly running away.

11Alive Atlanta reports:

SHAQ FOR SHERIFF?! Yep, he’s serious.

When asked why he would run, Shaq had a quick and ready answer.

“This is not about politics. This is about bringing people closer together,” Shaq said. “You know, when I was coming up, people love and respected the police, the deputies. And, I want to be the one to bring that back, especially in the community I serve.”

Shaq’s respect is a welcome change from the disrespect thrown at cops by the likes of Colin Kaepernick. And the fact that he’s willing to put in serious footwork to help heal the situation makes him that much more of a hero.

But there’s also this – the fact that Shaq, while describing himself, sounds just like someone else we know. Someone who is doing a great job in a position no one thought he was qualified for.

Shaq says he’s perfect for the job, because he can relate to everyone. “I can put on a suit and have a conversation with Bill Gates. I can go in the hood and talk to the homies, and talk to the children.”

“I know how to run a team. My style is going to be to surround myself with guys who have been doing it way longer than I’ve been doing it. Surround myself with smarter people.”

A guy with no direct experience in his job, but who can run a team, knows how to talk to Americans, and knows how to hire great people…have we seen this before? Of course. Shaq is the next Donald Trump.

He’s got my vote.

Source: Free Beacon

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