This Florida Sheriff Is Vowing To Keep Out This 1 Thing From Hurricane Shelters

One of the most dangerous things about hurricanes is this: it forces people together in big groups.

You’d think that might be a positive thing. After all, surely the flooding, winds, and destruction are worse. Hurricane Irma has already killed some 11 people, and it hasn’t even reached Florida yet.

But a large group of frightened people is never a good idea – they’re an easy target. For con men, thieves…and sex offenders, frankly.

And it’s why this Florida Sheriff is taking steps to keep them all away from shelters.

The Independent Journal Review reports:

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office in Florida is using Hurricane Irma to crack down on sex offenders and predators to keep those who gather in nearby emergency shelters safe.

The department announced via Twitter Wednesday morning its plan to check all IDs at every official Hurricane Irma shelter:

Mind you, it’s not just sex offenders – although that particular crowd is at the top of the list. It’s everyone with a warrant.

The Sheriff has a point – after all, the jail is just as secure as the shelter. Possibly more so, frankly, given that the shelter wasn’t made to keep from breaking down, and letting its inhabitants out. But jails were.

It’s a winning combination – arrest lawbreakers, and keep them safe at the same time.

So of course some idiot liberals are going to have a problem with it.

Easy there – no one said you’re going to jail if you don’t have an ID. The Sheriff said you’re going to jail if you have a warrant. And we check for warrants using – wait for it – IDs.

The one almost-legit objection was this: supposing some people are frightened, and don’t turn themselves in. Wouldn’t that endanger the rescue teams?

Because they’re still going to go out and find these guys, warrants or not. And telling everyone that you’re checking for warrants is a good way to convince people to stay out in the storm. Which is a good way to endanger the rescue teams, who now have to go out in the storm.

Of course, as the Sheriff rightfully points out, that leaves two choices – endanger the rescue teams, who are trained, or endanger the refugees, who are not.

I’d lean towards protecting the ‘not.’

When in doubt, protect the most vulnerable. Not the most popular. Liberals don’t seem to get that.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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